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Lyvemar G.

Lyvemar Garcia

9 nivel
39 reseñas
132 karma

Lyvemar G.

Lyvemar Garcia

9 nivel
39 reseñas
132 karma
Dancing is my passion, mother of Sebastián. Growing and learning every day in this digital world of cryptocurrencies
Se unió a Tue Mar 31 2020 13:58:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de spectrocoin usd

The SpectroCoin Verified Bitcoin debit card is connected to the SpectroCoin exchange and wallet system. The card has a standard set of 3% foreign currency conversion fees. Purchase at the point of sale has no additional charge, but there is a monthly service charge of USD 1. There is no inactivity fee. Recharging from a spectrocoin account does not have a surcharge and there are the usual fees for ATM withdrawals, although they are limited to 2 withdrawals per day.. To verify your card, you must provide a passport or ID card or utility bill.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de obsidian black card

Wouldn't it be nice if you could convert your crypto assets into daily purchases and buy products with bitcoin and other alternative currencies? Users must vest 50,000 MCO tokens for at least 6 months in order to use the card. Well now you can. Just get a crypto debit card and also buy non-virtual products (coffee, beer, clothing, etc.) with your crypto assets. This is a review of the Visa MCO card, one of the many crypto debit cards. Ver reseña completa

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It is a space that allows miners to work cooperatively to be able to mine cryptocurrency blocks. They were created in order to greatly facilitate mining work and to more effectively cope with the increasing difficulty of mining Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.The purpose of this group is to facilitate mining work and obtain equitable benefits for everyone within the groupVer reseña completa

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firstBittrex is a cryptocurrency market originating in the United States, a platform developed by experts in computer security and cryptography, who previously worked for renowned companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.People who are interested in buying alternative digital currencies (altcoins), need a platform like this.Ver reseña completa

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a This company offers incredible levels of security to its users when making any type of transaction since it is a company with high support from important companies. Plus it includes a top notch fast support On the other hand, their level of daily spending is relevant compared to others that offer the minimum service. Ver reseña completa

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T DragonEX is an exchange originated in Singapore, which has the great benefit of having its own currency: Dragon Token, around 90 pairs of cryptocurrencies and 4 compatible markets. In addition to this, it has fees that decrease with increasing transaction amount. It has a super fast and useful website portal. Ver reseña completa

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this is a mining company that mainly originates from china. It offers different currencies depending on the exchange rate of the day, and the most significant increase. In addition, it usually starts with high security for the new user and speed for the client's status.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de huobi pool

This is a company based on an important, Mining project that has a very important and consistent security system, with a speed at its maximum position. It has great importance since it offers a great variety of digital currencies that can be worked anywhere in the world, the main income investors in 2019 were replaced by mining. This great project is totally new and irreplaceable.Ver reseña completa

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Unfortunately you need to know English to use everything.. a universal business platform that offers great changes in the world of cryptocurrency, with its high levels of commission. It also has access to different currency in the world to exchange Bitcoin. It has an excellent application that gives you speed and the ease of using it wherever you are and whenever you want..Ver reseña completa

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Online business platform with great security and unmatched speed. IQeon is a great company that is starting in the world of cryptocurrency, very modern since it develops technological products in the field of games. In addition to this, it is a platform that integrates games, applications and services aimed at intelligent competitions between users.Ver reseña completa

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