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Payment MethodPay Per Last N Shares
Commission Fee2.50%

About AntPool

AntPool run by Bitmain Tech Ltd. You can use it to mine BTC/BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, ZCASH, SC, XMC and BTM. It has no BTC mining fee for PPLNS but the pool gets to keep all the transaction fees from the block. The coinbase signature for this pool is: "Mined by AntPool".

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Antpool: A Mining Platform Well Known For Its Stable Mining Services And Multiple Earning Nodes.

Ants are known for being industrious, well maybe the Antpool will have a similar feature to the ant, not in the area of size though. When it comes to mining pools, I don't really know about them, infact if I bumped into a friend on the sidewalk and…See full review

Antpool: A Digging Stage Notable For Its Steady Mining Administrations And Numerous Acquiring Hubs.

Insects are known for being enterprising, admirably perhaps the Antpool will have a comparative element to the insect, not in the space of size however. With regards to mining pools, I don't actually think about them, infact in the event that I…See full review

Many bitcoin miners use this pool mine

Because of its security, Ant Pool is a Bitcoin mining pool that should be recommended. This Chinese mining pool is presently financed by Bitman Technology, which has spent heavily and continues to do so in order to offer customers with the finest…See full review

A pool that several cloud mining companies also use because of its good APIs.

Antpool is one of the China-based mines that Bitmain Corporation, a significant mining hardware company, has developed. This mining organization, Calling Antpool, speaks Spanish, English, and Mandarin, providing its customers the opportunity to…See full review

Mining with strict procedures

Antpool is a successful project mining on blockchains. Antpool is a fully legal and licensed mining company. Necessary explanations and legal certificates are available on the websites. Bitmain company legally supports Antpool. It has cooperated…See full review

one of the biggest pool in the world

ANTPOOL is a very reputable company regarded as one of the biggest mining pool in the world by some social media platforms. this is obvivious as it takes 12% of the mined bit coin recorded in its early days in 2014. they pay you base on your harsh…See full review

Antpool Mining Pool Option. Yes or No

Antpool is a very large and popular cryptocurrency mining pool that was created in 2014 and is today, responsible for about 12 percent of the bitcoin network hash power. It supports about ten different cryptocurrencies and pays its miners daily…See full review

My Review On The Most Advanced Bitcoin Mining Pool, AntPool

The AntPool is a Bitcoin mining pool that was founded Bitmain. The Bitmain company happens to be a company with records of progress in their field. It was founded by a young billionaire (in his early 30s) who goes by the name Jihan Wu. This man…See full review

Antpool- the mighty pool

Antpool is a pool that allows for mining of cryptocurrencies. Among the cryptocurrencies mineable with Antpool are bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and so on. Through Ant pool the hash rate is eeasily monitored as it allows for multiple accounts…See full review

About Antpool Mining Pool

Antpool is a Cryptocurrency mining pool from china, managed and controlled by Bitmain Technology Company. It has a great miner group and mining equipment that allow miners to mine conveniently and profitably. Antpool Support many cryptocurrencies…See full review