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Payment MethodPay Per Last N Shares
Commission Fee2.50%

About AntPool

AntPool run by Bitmain Tech Ltd. You can use it to mine BTC/BCH, LTC, ETH, ETC, DASH, ZCASH, SC, XMC and BTM. It has no BTC mining fee for PPLNS but the pool gets to keep all the transaction fees from the block. The coinbase signature for this pool is: "Mined by AntPool".

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AntPool: Among the mining leaders.

When considering groups of miners, this group of AntPool miners, Group of great prestige and good comments in general, cannot be left aside. Among the cryptocurrencies that can be mined with this group we have: BTC, LTC, ETH, BHC, ETC, SC, DASH...See full review

Antpool mining.

It consists of one of the largest and most important mining groups in the world, where it is associated with cryptocurrencies which include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and bitcoin cash, which offers an application that monitors the hash rate of the...See full review

AntPool it's a great pool to mine

Antpool is one of the largest mining network, it has more cryptocurrencies to undermine its reward level, you can adapt it, they make payments only once a day if you reach a minimum of 0.001 BTC, it has a high level of security and commissions are...See full review

Review in AntPool

This platform, is a mining group, this group was launched 6 years ago in which it was created in China, it works with several important currencies, the only thing I do not like about this platform, is that it has its daily limit to pay, since It is...See full review

Enjoy Uninterrupted Mining With Antpool.

Antpool mining pool is a Chinese pool and has been in operation since 2014, the pool is being run by Bitmain Technology Ltd the company that is into production of antimers for mining bitcoin. It has servers accross the globe including Europe and...See full review

AntPool: The Largest BTC Network Hash Rate

Mining pools are the bread and butter of everyday crypto miners and users in general. AntPool has been rising stratospheric levels of activity just in the last few days. Many miners search to work with it because it offers one of the most advanced...See full review

Antpool mining pool

If you're new into mining and looking for a reliable platform to mine your coin antpool is one of those over the past few years they have been operating successfully with a very good customer relationship and built confidence in their users, they...See full review


Antpool belongs to a group in the mining section launched in 2014 in China, she works with several important currencies such as Bitxoin, bitcoin cashz Ethereum, Ethereum classic, zcash I entered other houses one of these coins has its daily limit...See full review


AntPool is a mining group established in China since 2014, support the mining of coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, Dash, Siacoin Classic, Monero Classic and Bytom. AntPool offers a daily payment type...See full review

Operated by Bitmain Technologies.

One of the advantages of this is that you can choose between PPLNS and PPS +. Payment is made once a day if the amount is more than 0.001 bitcoin. In the case of bitcoin mining, the new star will appreciate the clean interface. The dashboard...See full review