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Payment MethodPay Per Last N Shares
Commission Fee0.90%

About Whalesburg

Founded in early 2018, Whalesburg is still at MVP stage but already profitable. The pool hashrate is steadily growing as more features are being added. Whalesburg is a profit-switching mining pool that also offers track progress.

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Mining Crypto With The Best: The Whalesburg Mining Pool

Whalesburg is a cryptocurrency mining pool platform that enables you to mine your favorite crypto coins. But Whalesburg is not just any ordinary platform. It’s the very best. Mining crypto is not something that can be done without a little bit of...See full review

Whalesburg is the most recent and trustworthy platform.

But Whalesburg isn't always simply any regular platform. It’s the very first-rate. Mining crypto isn't always some thing that can be executed with out a little bit of strain. But if it's far executed properly, it can be equally worthwhile. To mine...See full review

whalesburg cryptocurrency mining pool

Whalesburg is a lucrative mining pool that provides customers with a mining pool that is already configured and ready to use. Users who are interested in starting a mining pool can do so by simply following guidelines set up by platform programmers...See full review

I seriously had a nice user experience with this platform

Whalesburg was founded in the year 2018, been founded in this year and today is still existing and has very good star rating on it reviews, means the mining pool is a good one and if they continue this way will become a good exchange and more and...See full review

whalesburg pool mining review

Everything we expect from a mining pool is provided by whalesburg. Currently ethereum mine has more fans than bitcoin mining. Because ethereum block rewards are so much larger than bitcoin, naturally most people with a miner device go to ETH....See full review

$WBT would be significant insofar as mining is significant.

Whalesburg $WBT is based on Ethereum and is an ERC20 token. Now its cost is floating around $0.0006 and significant trade market is Bilaxy Trade by means of its WBT/ETH exchanging pair. The undertaking $WBT is supported by its Whalesburg mining...See full review

Whalesburg popular crypto mining pool

Whalesburg is the most recent and trustworthy platform. The live support crew responds quickly and has a large number of social media profiles. When an issue develops, they immediately discover a solution. While such sites are inherently risky...See full review

whalesburg Game cover your own account, multiply

The new mining and gaming platform was developed in early 2018 and it (Whalesburg) is still in the MVP stage, and as far as we know, it has already managed to make a profit. Due to its use, thinness and more features, it is growing steadily...See full review

A pool for me several different cryptocurrencies

The Whalesburg Mining Pool, which was founded just two years ago, has attracted a slew of celebrities in recent months as a result of its unwavering support and the large sums of money it has provided to clients. Open a repository-based program...See full review

Whalesburg: searching for a prevalent experience for cryptographic cash diggers

Today there are many mining rigs accessible, regardless Whalesburg sets the standard among them as a result of the extent of programming courses of action it's anything but's a single group, all with the firm point of extending the advantages of...See full review

Mining Crypto With The Best: The Whalesburg Mining Pool

Whalesburg is a digital money mining pool stage that empowers you to mine your most loved crypto coins. Yet, Whalesburg isn't only any common stage. It's the absolute best. Mining crypto isn't something that should be possible without a tad of...See full review