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86 · Very good

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Payment MethodPay Per Last N Shares
Commission Fee0.90%

About Whalesburg

Founded in early 2018, Whalesburg is still at MVP stage but already profitable. The pool hashrate is steadily growing as more features are being added. Whalesburg is a profit-switching mining pool that also offers track progress.

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Platform that solves the problems of mining users

Whalesburg is a mining group that will offer endless multiple solutions for users who want to generate passive income and among them they will give us a good level of privacy, anonymity, transparency and rewards. It is still under development so I...See full review

whalesburg could be the best mining pool in the future

Hello, everyone, and today I'm going to tell you about Whalesburg, a mining pool I've been using for a long time. Whalesburg is a mining platform that I've used for a long time, and I really think it's a much more lucrative pool than other mining...See full review

Mining Crypto With The Best: The Whalesburg Mining Pool

Whalesburg is a cryptocurrency mining pool platform that enables you to mine your favorite crypto coins. But Whalesburg is not just any ordinary platform. It’s the very best. Mining crypto is not something that can be done without a little bit of...See full review

Whalesburg mining pool review, 2020

If mining was a simple occupation, everyone would have been involved in. It requires a lot of technical knowhow. That will cover ability to maintain hardware, and also be able to administer softwares correctly. If you are not a miner, to setup...See full review

My views on Whalesburg

Whalesburg is one of the projects that facilitates mining operations and serves to increase the earnings ratio. As a solution, the Whalesburg project pays attention to issues such as transparency, coins to be selected for the mine, and hardware...See full review

New player in the crypto mining industry: Whalesburg

Frankly, I have never thought of the good or the worst of the profession. But if they asked me such a question, the first profession that would come to my mind and pop out of my lips would be "coal mining". If you ask why, my answer is; The work of...See full review

Whalesburg, Profitable form of mining

Whalesburg is a form of coin mining that finds the most profitable and useful mines. Whalesburg uses the WBT token as the token. WBT tokens can be traded on all ethereum-based "Money Crypto Exchanges". Whalesburg uses the PPLNS system for all...See full review

Whalesburg a solution for cryptocurrency miners that is really beneficial for everything it offers

This mining platform has a software package for cryptocurrency miners that will help them increase their profits in mining for the people who use the platform presented, for which they offer products that could be beneficial with all the tools you...See full review

It's a good miner

Whalesburg is a platform where those who are interested in cryptocurrencies and want to mine will definitely cross paths one day. It was one of the first platforms I encountered as a result of my mining research. I think they deserve their...See full review


Whalesburg is the newest and most reliable platform. Group chat was fast and they have multiple social media accounts. When problems arise, they quickly look for solutions. While places like this are always dangerous, this is not the place. I think...See full review