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I will tell you about the site called uptrendd.com. I just started writing on the site. We can share articles and photos on different subjects on the site. we can leave comments on people's posts. We can present our likes with like and disslike buttons. And most importantly, these like numbers return to us as 1up coins. There is a level system on the site. not every user's share is equally valuable. We use these tokens to level up. A level 1 user receives 1 coin for each like, level 10 receives See full review

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satisfying and fast

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Available as a browser file extension and as a mobile app, MetaMask has an infrastructure where we can do everything you need to manage your digital locations - a key vault, secure login, token wallet and token exchange. MetaMask generates passwords and keys on our device so that it does not allow anyone but us to access our accounts and data. We always choose what to share and what to keep private. You can also connect to your MetaMask wallet via MyEtherWallet. All you have to do is click on acSee full review

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Hello everyone. XRP is the cryptocurrency I use actively in cross-exchange trading. It is currently floating in the $ 0.26 band. a unit whose infrastructure I trust very much and that I think will be used much more in the future. The fact that it is already available in many exchanges makes it much more usable. The constant fluctuation makes it very attractive for day-to-day investors. these days it gets stuck very hard. In fact, I think the $ 0.26 resistance for the XRP / USD trading pair and sSee full review

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Trust and local

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Hello everyone. BTCturk is a Turkish stock exchange where I made my first footage today without any problems. There are "simple buy-sell" for beginners and "advanced buy-sell" for veterans. I am actively using the BTCturkPro page. everything is obvious. The only problem is that it does not contain a few sub-coin units I want to use. The site has a very fast and fluid interface. and it has a high level security protocol. With a few problems, live chat helped immediately and provided on-the-spot rSee full review

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FortuneJack, leading software programming companies Steady Logic and Gambletec, Inc. The casino offers an almost overwhelming variety of games aimed at almost new gamblers. FortuneJack seems to be able to keep up with the fast pace of the gambling industry. Players say they really enjoy FortuneJack's binary options trading, 100% deposit bonus and generous rewards. Frankly, I don't think it can replace playing on real casino sites. FortuneJack includes more than 500 games, each logically divideSee full review

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OKEx's token, OKB, seems to have declined after its founder was taken away by the police. Western traders operating with OKB will wake up in sweat after seeing the price of the token minted by the besieged cryptocurrency exchange OKEx. Merchants in the east are already falling asleep anticipating these nightmares. The OKEx token continued its unavoidable decline as of yesterday. The decline started with the purchase of the exchange founder by the Chinese police on Friday. After this incideSee full review

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Wrapped BTC?

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Hello everyone, our topic is wrapped bitcoin. To buy WBTC, a user requests tokens from a seller. The vendor then performs the required KYC / AML procedures and authenticates the user. Once this is complete, it performs user and merchant exchanges with Bitcoin transferring from user to merchant and WBTC transferred from merchant to user. Most of the most popular DeFi dapps on Ethereum require specific collateral use. Products like MakerDAO and Compound require users to lock down existing crypto See full review

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Hello everyone, our topic is Switcheo. The management, operational and engineering team is located in the head office in Singapore. The main purpose of this decentralized exchange is to allow people to trade all MEP-5 tokens. When the ICO ends, these new currencies should automatically be listed in this trading protocol. This is a very interesting approach. This will be provided by Switcheo's Dynamic Search function. Unlimited finance for unlimited lives. they bring us groundbreaking platforms. See full review

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I trust Bitexen. Bitexen is a reliable crypto currency exchange, which has attracted the attention of investors with the coins it has recently distributed. Those interested in the crypto exchange have definitely heard of Bitexen Technology Joint Stock Companies. In fact, this company, which has been dropping coins for 2 years, took a big rise in June. The reason for this was that the coin drop program spread very quickly through references. Bitexen gifted 5 Exen Coins to every user who registerSee full review

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Hello everyone. Subject is ethereum. Coin traded on almost all exchanges. After a long bearish move, ETH / USD may head to an uptrend. this is inherent in etherium. Those who follow etherium in stock exchanges know that there has always been a rise (for etherium) after long falls. With etherium, a global, open source platform for decentralized applications, we can program and control digital values that are accessible from all over the world. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that will alSee full review

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Hello to everyone. dentacoin is the crypto unit I met through a survey site. According to my own reviews, it had the highest values at the beginning of the week and now it is falling again. It is a coin that can be used for those who like to take risks and plan to make a profit with daily investments in the stock market. I guess we will realize many oral health exchanges with these units in 20 40 years. Authenticates with CIVIC app and FACEBOOK. As for the survey site, I think it should pay moreSee full review

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Hello everyone, I will tell you about scriv. SCRIV is a cryptocurrency based on the Tribus mining algorithm and the DASH code base with fast transactions and masternodes. They got the copyright in 2018. A unit that can be considered new. Their team says they are working on the development of complex trading algorithms that could be suitable for arbitrage, market making, trend trading, and more. It is found in very few exchanges. I think they will open to larger stock markets in the future. They See full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Hello everyone, I'm going to talk about the platform called now verasity. There are several ways to earn these vra tokens. but I think beer is that much of a problem. They say they distribute tokens by watching videos with advertisements on different sites. I have accumulated 870 tokens. but with total nonsense. I never understood how they distributed the real event tokens that pissed me off. After watching a few videos, it stops giving out tokens. and in the long run I think of it as a purely tSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Hello to everyone. Today I'm going to tell you about the Winex exchange. Now this is a platform that can be considered a baby compared to the others. But what a wisdom he is growing fast like Deadpool. If I compare with other titles, this is mostly bitcoin and etherium trade. It has a simple and convenient interface in my opinion. The fact that it is new raises some suspicion. but the transaction volume satisfied me. If they really want to reach a significant number of users, they need to try diSee full review

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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Hello everyone, today I will talk about a stock exchange that includes many crypto. I heard the name a lot and the main reason for using this exchange, which I will start using soon, is the excess of sub-coins it contains.Everything looks very good from a distance, but it is a platform that receives a lot of complaints from users. Having a live chat platform called trollbox sometimes works. interface is very complicated. Therefore, I do not recommend it to beginners. ideal for experienced users.See full review

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my coinomi review

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Hello to everyone. This application has been tried to be developed for a long time. Coinomi Wallet, which contains Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin as well as Bitcoin, requests a 12-digit word combination from users such as Electrum Bitcoin Wallet application. Unlike the previous application, this application offers a password option that users can create as long as they want instead of a 6-digit PIN. KYC bureaucracy is not used to access your money. It has been hacked continuously sincSee full review

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Hello everyone. Today I am talking to you about the wallet called blockchain wallet. blockchain wallet has been making a name for itself lately. Blockchain, one of the most popular web-based wallets, is a wallet I plan to use soon because it is web-based. USD Digital, a 1: 1 pegged crypto with USD, is available on the blockchain. You can now hold a fixed, digital dollar in your Blockchain Wallet. I tried a little yesterday. and I think it has a very simple, understandable interface. Those lookinSee full review

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Hello to everyone. Today I'm going to tell you about the trust wallet wallet. Nowadays, as many people start to prefer cryptocurrency and decentralized applications, it has become much more important to have simple and powerful ways to access them. If you wish, having various interests such as transfer, investment or using DApp can expose you to a troublesome situation. Trust Wallet is trying to help us with this. I haven't used it yet, but almost all of the feedback I got from my friends who usSee full review

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Hello everyone. Now I'm going to talk about the civic wallet. Authentication was required for a platform, so I met the civic wallet. First of all, I had to verify my identity with my ID, passport, driver's license. I used my license. I provided my personal information. I was held for a while during authentication. It was one of these negative aspects for me. Apart from that, when we authenticate with the civic wallet, a QR code appears on the screen. I scanned that QR code on the phone via the cSee full review

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Hello everyone. I'm going to talk about a new topic today. I'm going to talk about whalesburg. whalesburg is a platform I have used recently. its content and interface is quite clear. According to the comments I get from other users, the payments are very fast and reliable. giving investment advice is a very useful feature for a beginner. I think I will continue using it. I haven't withdrawn money yet. I will update my comment after taking it and share this information with you. Thank you for reSee full review

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