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About Civic

Civic is an identity management service that allows to protect and authorize the use of your identity in real time. Civic also offers additional features to help protect your identity such as credit report alerting, identity fraud coverage, and access to 24/7 fraud support.

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Service that facilitates the identity verification process

This is a service that serves to manage identities, protecting and authorizing the use of our identity in real time. This platform that will help us so that we do not have to undergo a tedious…See more

My Civic registration test failed :(

I tried using Civic. It is an application that takes your credentials and confirms whether you are a real person. I downloaded the application and sent my identity information, phone number and e…See more

Civic: a tool for personal data verification using blockchain technology

Civic is a platform created with the purpose of executing credential and identity verification, through the use of blockchain technology that guarantees a decentralized, reliable and open source…See more

civic Security review

I use the Civic app for security purposes Some systems want verification with Civic I have to do it first email, Phone, And you have to authenticate this way you have an approved civic account But…See more


Hello everyone. Now I'm going to talk about the civic wallet. Authentication was required for a platform, so I met the civic wallet. First of all, I had to verify my identity with my ID, passport…See more


Within the system, which also serves as "Coin", there is a structure called CVC for short. Accordingly, the coin uses another structure that does not belong to its place. This structure is the…See more

Digital identity

It is a platform that has a mobile version that protects and protects money. Therefore, I consider it the most recommended for people with large amounts of money, thanks to its security and refund…See more

A unique way to make life easier and protect our identity even more.

This is a platform that works to securely verify a user's identity without requiring a username and password. In order to register on the platform, users must download its mobile application…See more

Identity verification through the Blockchain

Civic aims to transform the identity verification industry through the use of the blockchain. People who use the Civic system will fall into one of three groups, consisting of service providers…See more

A Secured Identity For Everyone.

A system of identity verification should be decentralized, open and encrypted to offer maximum value to all parties involved. This is especially true in underdeveloped countries, where lack of…See more