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NEM Coin Project

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To summarize, NEM (XEM) has announced its name as the first smart asset platform globally. Developed by considering the usage conditions of the companies, NEM has a special blockchain rather than crypto currencies with ERC-20 infrastructure. NEM users can perform notarization, supply chain, property transactions, and cryptocurrency management on the platform. This platform, which is used for multiple purposes, also has many features such as decentralized authorization and ICO regulation. TSee full review

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Decred Coin

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Decred can be defined briefly as an ecosystem that wants to create a decentralized network primarily intended to be built on the Blockchain system. The Forking process of the Bitcoin Blockchain in 2016 was created through the Hard fork application. Decred has a system that can use Proof of Work and Proof of Stake proofs simultaneously. Decred's developer team thinks that the powerful system created by PoW and PoS can make a significant contribution to users. Decred, who was surprised by thSee full review

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Trueusd Output

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TUSD had made a very rapid rise when it was first launched. It jumped from 43 million coins to 200 million and more coins in an instant. TrueUSD transactions are carried out collectively and for this reason it is not known exactly how the coins were created. TrueUSD coins minted today are kept in over a thousand wallets. Based on the data prepared by Etherescan, TUSD transactions seem to be on the rise with the number of coins. It can be said that TUSD, whose growth volume appears to be organSee full review

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Paxos Standard has determined its slogan as the opportunity to process Internet speed. Paxos, with the goal of digitizing the US dollar, has been developed to transfer money regardless of time and place. PAX is a stablecoin that is important with the feature of the US dollar being stable along with Blockchain technology. Paxos acts as a bridge between digital and fiat currencies. As we mentioned above, PAX functions as a stablecoin fully integrated with the dollar. PAX, which provides great bSee full review

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Aelf (ELF) Project

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Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that aims to meet individual and corporate needs. Lf has three basic characteristics: high performance, improved resource allocation, governance structure & development. In the design of lf, created by running full nodes on the server cluster, operations can be executed in parallel. This means that nodes expand by adding multiple servers when the system's operating system load is very high. Thus, all nodes are not a single computer buSee full review

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Ravencoin Status

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Ravencoin is a crypto currency that was created to transfer assets efficiently between peers, originally developed using Bitcoin's hard fork code. It was produced as an alternative to the Bitcoin blockchain and ERC-20 protocols. Ravencoin is named George RR. The famous novel series written by Martin is from the mailbirds of Westeros, a fictional continent in the Game Of Thrones series The Dance of Ice and Fire series. Ravencoin's short name is RVN and its maximum supply is set at 21 billion. See full review

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Aave (Lend Coin) Market

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Aave is a coin and platform running on the Ethereum Blockchain. In Aave, defined as an open source protocol that enables the creation of money markets, users can earn interest on borrowing assets and deposits. The reason for choosing the name Aave as the protocol comes from the effort to create a transparent and objective infrastructure for the purpose of decentralized financing. Saying hello to its users in 2020, Aave Coin completed its wallet integrations with Trust Wallet and My Ether WalletSee full review

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SelfKey Market

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Selfkey is a blockchain-based digital identity system that allows individuals and companies to dominate their digital identities. People using Selfkey can easily access personal and residency information for token trading, exchanges, investments and many other things. Key Coin is the ERC-20 token, which is the payment unit in the digital identity system. Key Coin is a token used when making transactions within the Selfkey system. Since it is decentralized, it ensures that transactions are confidSee full review

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Uniswap Coin On The Rise

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Uniswap Coin, which was released on September 17, 2020 on popular exchanges, made many people curious. Uniswap, which gained 1000 percent, climbed from $ 0.30 to $ 15. Uniswap Coin is a governance token that allows its users to provide liquidity to specific pools and to provide yield farming as well as contribute to project-related developments. After the SushiSwap project, many users were voicing that Uniswap would launch its own cryptocurrency. Uniswap, which has been in the market for 3 yeSee full review

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About Stellar

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Stellar is a distributed payment platform that brings together banks, payment systems and users. Stellar aims to advance the global financial system from where it is located and transform it with an innovative approach. This innovative platform allows its users to easily perform their financial transactions. Accordingly, Stellar users can perform their transactions easily, securely and inexpensively. Known as an open source and distributed payment system, XLM Stellar aims to bring the current paSee full review

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Ontology Coin Review

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The Ontology project aims to provide commercial organizations with a reliable, high-performance and distributed system using Blockchain technology. Although companies from various industries want to use Blockchain technology, they may not be able to find where to start to do so. The Ontology project has made it a mission to provide Blockchain solutions for workplaces and for business purposes in general. Ontology developers focus on creating solutions to shape the blockchain in different ways anSee full review

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Mithril Review

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A social media token developed with the ERC-20 protocol on the Mithril Ethereum Blockchain. Content creators who contribute to the network are rewarded with Mithril tokens that can be integrated into existing and new social media platforms, and this process is referred to as social mining. Platform users can use MITH tokens in applications such as dating services, premium content channels, and live streaming. MITH will begin acceptance as a retail payment method with retailers in Taiwan and HongSee full review

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Aeternity Review

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Aeternity is a Blockchain technology that connects users with effective, transparent and scalable services that enable broadband range transactions, functional smart contracts and decentralized applications. Aeternity can be defined as a new Blockchain technology that aims to bring together unparalleled effective, transparent and gradable services with its users. The innovative token Aeternity enables broadband-range transactions, fully functional smart contracts and decentralized applications. See full review

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ICON Review

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ICON Coin, one of the interesting crypto currencies of the market, connects the real world and the crypto money world with the ICX abbreviation in the markets. Financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, and universities are part of the ICON ecosystem. Increasing Korea's effectiveness in the blockchain industry, ICON develops applications in many sectors. ICON wallet supporting ICONex, ICX and various cryptocurrencies. Fast transactions, secure payments and a user-friendly interface See full review

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VeChain Review

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VeChain can be defined as a leading Blockchain platform designed to serve global companies. The platform aims to create a healthy economy ecosystem by integrating Blockchain technology, which has many uses, into real life. The VeChain platform, which aims to take an active role in the integration process of the Internet of Things technology, which is shown among the technologies of the future, works on applications to be used in our daily life. When the VeChain platform is adopted by companies iSee full review

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Zilliqa Review

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Thanks to the horizontal division of the database system used in Zilliqa infrastructure and the innovative protocol, transaction speeds increase as the network expands. To put it more clearly, as the number of miners in the network increases, transaction speeds increase. Developed specifically for decentralized applications created with secure data, Zilliqa also has an infrastructure that enables scaling of financial algorithms with machine learning. Zilliqa is an extremely suitable Blockchain pSee full review

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Ethereum Classic Review

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Ethereum Classic is an uncensored, public and decentralized blockchain platform that emerged after the Ethereum hard fork. Ethereum Classic is known as a security-focused, non-censorship, public and decentralized Blockchain platform where applications can be run. Ethereum Classic can be defined as Ethereum without hard fork. In order to describe the emergence of Ethereum Classic, we need to talk about the DAO attack. DAO means a collective decision-making mechanism that can work decentralized anSee full review

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OMG Network Review

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OMG Network is similar in structure and target to Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency by total market cap. The aim of both projects is known as making money transfers and payments decentralized, fast and secure. Accordingly, it is aimed to eliminate banks and traditional financial systems, which are among the first things that come to mind when it comes to money transfer. In other words, OMG Network can be defined as the bank or money transfer network of the decentralized crypto money indusSee full review

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QTUM Review

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QTUM has been using Ethereum's Virtual Machine since its inception, which has several drawbacks. One of them is that the system supports only one programming language. One of the most recent and important developments of QTUM is the x86 Virtual Machine. This virtual machine exclusive to QTUM can be defined as an advanced version of the standard EVM. To summarize, the QTUM X86 VM is a smart contract operating system, built to make decentralized applications easier to deploy and use. In addition, See full review

neo logo

Binance has added NEO, one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market, to its futures platform. Binance continues to grow its futures platform called Binance Futures, which it established in September 2019. The company recently announced that it has added NEO to the platform. Binance Futures has listed cryptocurrencies such as Ontology, Basic Attention Token, VeChain, Binance Coin in the past few weeks. According to the company's statements, investors will be able to use up to 50 times leveraSee full review

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