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About aelf

Aelf is used to pay resource fees in the system, such as deployment of smart contracts, operating and upgrading of systems transaction fees, cross-chain data transfer fees. It also enables community to vote on major decisions, such as electing mining nodes, introducing new features to the system and other major decisions.

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Blockchain Linux operating system

Aelf (ELF) is a cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain protocol, therefore, the protocol par excellence is that of Bitcoin. It is decentralized, this means that there is no entity that owns…See more

About aelf

Aelf is a relatively new contender in the DApp platform race. However, it has solid support from major investment capital firms. The project uses resource allocation from side chains and a unique…See more

New generation Ethereum name: AElf

Aelf is a cloud blockchain network built on blockchains. The operating system is similar to Linux. Focused on efficiency and customization. It is built on the ERC-20. You can safely store it in…See more

Aelf (ELF) Project

Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that aims to meet individual and corporate needs. Lf has three basic characteristics: high performance, improved resource allocation…See more

Aelf: a blockchain integration to provide complete solutions to the business world

Aelf is an open blockchain network that seeks to integrate in a single portal several blockchains integrated collaterally to its main protocol in order to offer business organizations a global…See more

AELF project and its price analysis and currency chart

High-powered computers and very powerful computing systems generally take up a lot of space because they have to use multiple hardware at the same time. Thanks to blockchain technology, there is no…See more


Aelf is an operating system (OS) designed for blockchains. You can think of it as equivalent to the Linux blockchain system. Its technology was designed to solve the challenges of scalability…See more

Aelf, the blockchains OS...

I see Aelf as a Windows or Linux for blockchain, that is, it is a project with the purpose of creating a blockchain operating system. That's right, blockchain technology is a reality for dApps…See more

It is an operating system for blockchains.

It operates as a blockchain network mainchain. Thus, businesses can develop their own dapp that will run as a sidechain, not in mainchain. Individuals can have their own custom blockchain and have…See more

Aelf (ELF): multi-chain cryptocurrency

Aelf is a customizable operating system (OS) specially designed for blockchains. The team aims to make it the "Linux system" of the blockchain community. As you probably know, the adoption and…See more