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Description of aelf

aelf (ELF) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. aelf has a current supply of 1,000,000,000 with 591,510,172.28419 in circulation. The last known price of aelf is 0.32443037 USD and is up 0.89 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 84 active market(s) with $20,286,492.43 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at http://aelf.com/.


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Type of review

Discover the Blockchain structure that best suits your business needs. Eliminated from the center, which implies there is no relationship, similar to the case with data. The principle ties are probably going to have a ton of thickness, a long square chain is framed, and the thickness of the manual chain is decreased. Aelf plans to offer blockchain improvement fixes to keep it above water in business. With these means, it will be feasible to carry out the first class and better impeding str

  • can settle on significant decisions.
  • guarantees the amicability of the squares.
  • Other similar work.
  • Other near issues
  • settled and chosen for an extensive time frame.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A decentralized distributed computing interference system.

Find the Blockchain framework that best suits your business needs. Removed from the middle, which means there is no association, as is the case with information. The main chains are likely to have a lot of thickness, a long square chain is formed, and the thickness of the manual chain is reduced. Aelf plans to offer blockchain development fixes to keep it afloat in business. With these steps, it will be possible to implement the elite and better blocking framework. With the help of its…

  • can make important choices.
  • ensures the harmony of the squares.
  • Other comparative work.
  • Other comparative issues
  • resolved and decided for a considerable time.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

About aelf

Aelf is a relatively new contender in the DApp platform race. However, it has solid support from major investment capital firms. The project uses resource allocation from side chains and a unique governance model to build the entire chain operating system. While it is more advanced than similar projects, it can benefit from the synergy created by the openness and scalability of its architecture. Aelf Coin (ELF Coin) can also be defined as a decentralized Blockchain network that develops…

  • AELf network will provide decentralized cloud computing platforms that businesses or large organizations will need.
  • listed in most exchanges
  • We can say that the distance between blockchain technology and the business world is still not fully closed. Aelf Blockchain, which aims to eliminate the most important of the current problems in technology, will also destroy the borders between these two areas.
  • the project should be developed and promoted more

Revainrating 5 out of 5

New generation Ethereum name: AElf

Aelf is a cloud blockchain network built on blockchains. The operating system is similar to Linux. Focused on efficiency and customization. It is built on the ERC-20. You can safely store it in most hardware wallets. If there is too much density on the main chains, side block chains are formed and the density on the main chain is reduced. The entire system network acts as a cluster of computers rather than being managed from a single computer. Hacking attacks on side chains do not affect…

  • Backed by Alphabit, Blockchain Ventures, ChainFunder, Draper Dragon and FGB Capital
  • Built on robust algorithms
  • Cited by many experts as one of the brightest projects of the future
  • Uses side chain technology to increase efficiency and speed
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Aelf (ELF) Project

Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that aims to meet individual and corporate needs. Lf has three basic characteristics: high performance, improved resource allocation, governance structure & development. In the design of lf, created by running full nodes on the server cluster, operations can be executed in parallel. This means that nodes expand by adding multiple servers when the system's operating system load is very high. Thus, all nodes are not a single computer…

  • An excellent project
  • High efficiency
  • No

Revainrating 4 out of 5

AELF project and its price analysis and currency chart

High-powered computers and very powerful computing systems generally take up a lot of space because they have to use multiple hardware at the same time. Thanks to blockchain technology, there is no need for much space and with the help of this network, a powerful system can be set up. I have personally seen several projects with this goal so far. The aelf project has been launched for the same purpose. I had not heard the name of this project before I wanted to write the review and I thought…

  • Compared to other similar projects (same ideas) it seems to be a successful project
  • The price trend is currently declining

Revainrating 4 out of 5

This is my review and it's about aelf

What is aelf (ELF)? aelf is a decentralized cloud computing network with multi-chain, parallel processing system, cross-chain communication and self-evolving governance. aelf has a comprehensive governance model that includes the Parliamentary Management Model, Association Management Model and Referendum Management Model. Through the incentive model, the network is equipped with a self-sustaining system and can initiate self-development on a practical basis. The network operates a Delegated…

  • it works with both btc and erc systems
  • the founders team aims to make innovative something, it is a good situation
  • more commisions are collected

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Aelf: promoting digital connection on a global scale

Currently there is no human being who is unaware of the use of the internet, since from its first appearance to the present day the number of users of this network continues to increase dramatically. This is due to the multiple uses and utilities offered by the connection with the cyber-space both on a social, commercial and business level. However, keeping these internet services under the control of a particular entity diminishes the freedom that users can have in their use, in addition to…

  • Introduces a new technology within the cloud to improve scalability
  • Boost the efficiency of the internet service
  • Promotes the equitable distribution of digital tools
  • Allows interoperability between different blockchain networks
  • No disadvantages

Unfathomable PCs and extraordinary imaging diagrams have a tremendous part since you need to use a lot of contraptions all the while. Almost no space is required due to blockchain improvement and with the help of this affiliation an amazing framework can be made. Honestly, I took different actions in light of that. Likewise, the assignment was sent for relative reasons. I hadn't heard the name of the case before I expected to set up a survey and thought coinmarketcap had a surprising rating. At

  • Built in reliable algorithms
  • shown in most exchangs
  • Currently, the price trend is declining

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Aelf is a cloud blockchain network based on blockchains.

Aelf is a cloud blockchain network based on blockchains. The working framework is like Linux. Zeroed in on proficiency and customization. It is based on the ERC-20. You can securely store it in most equipment wallets. On the off chance that there is a lot of thickness on the primary chains, side square chains are shaped and the thickness on the principle chain is diminished. The whole framework network goes about as a bunch of PCs as opposed to being overseen from a solitary PC. Hac

  • Sponsored by Alphabit, Blockchain Ventures, ChainFunder, Draper Dragon and FGB Capital
  • Refered to by numerous specialists as perhaps the most brilliant undertaking of things to come
  • -

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Review on aelf

Aelf (ELF), the digital currency associated with the blockbuster convention, is therefore not a Bitcoin convention. Removed from the center, which means there is no element that owns it, and the information will be placed on the computers of each of those associated with such an organization. Likewise, it is protected and fast. Aelf Coin (ELF Coin) can also be described as a decentralized Blockchain system. Aelf intends to offer selection rounds for Blockchain innovation to make it more common

  • Great job. summarizes blocking functions in the total biological system
  • Nothing

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Blockchain Linux operating system

Aelf (ELF) is a cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain protocol, therefore, the protocol par excellence is that of Bitcoin. It is decentralized, this means that there is no entity that owns it and the information will be stored on the computers of all those connected to such a network. In addition, it is safe and fast. Aelf technology also enables smart contracts. This cloud-based distributed computing project aims to take advantage of all the advantages of Blockchain technology, in…

  • It has the support of quite a few investors.
  • It is totally decentralized, that is, there is no entity that governs it.
  • Cryptocurrency that is intended to be used as a high-performance and customizable operating system that could become the "Linux system" for blockchains.
  • The website has an attractive and modern design.
  • The team did not run a public campaign and therefore it is still people, including investors, who do not know what it is about.
  • There are only few wallets for ELF token storage.

Aelf is an open blockchain network that seeks to integrate in a single portal several blockchains integrated collaterally to its main protocol in order to offer business organizations a global solution. Thanks to its ease of integration and compatibility in your blockchain, you can add other sidechains to your base chain to offer developers the opportunity to design decentralized applications for optimal individual operation in collateral chains. It achieves this due to the implementation of…

  • Their website has a modern and visually appealing design.
  • It allows the interaction of several blockchains to improve the optimal functioning of the network in general and provide complete solutions to companies.
  • It serves as a base tool for creating decentralized applications applicable to broad sectors of the digital economy.
  • They have not had enough promotion.
  • They have few wallets for storing your ELF token.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Aelf is an operating system (OS) designed for blockchains. You can think of it as equivalent to the Linux blockchain system. Its technology was designed to solve the challenges of scalability, consensus and intelligent execution of contracts with side chains and the Delegated Stake Proof consensus system. It has positioned itself as a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network with the goal of enabling commercial adoption of the blockchain. Aelf has several business applications in the…

  • High Functionality
  • None

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Aelf, the blockchains OS...

I see Aelf as a Windows or Linux for blockchain, that is, it is a project with the purpose of creating a blockchain operating system. That's right, blockchain technology is a reality for dApps, smart contracts, social platforms and other infinity of applications, but we don't have an operating system, and that's where the Aelf project comes in, which aims precisely to create an operating system for blockchains, which it works as a backbone aggregating through other side chains all the other…

  • aggregates blockchain functionalities into a single ecosystem
  • well-focused and qualified team
  • really a reality these days where everything tends to revolve around this blockachain technology
  • no negative points

Revainrating 3 out of 5

It is an operating system for blockchains.

It operates as a blockchain network mainchain. Thus, businesses can develop their own dapp that will run as a sidechain, not in mainchain. Individuals can have their own custom blockchain and have full control over their privacy settings, updates and so on.

  • Customizable compliant protocols enable regular updates to be applied to the grid. It fits in with future development through self-evolution. It attracts business and capital partners. The customization feature is not available on any exchange.
  • Transactions are processed more quickly through parallel-processing and the cloud service with which full nodes are run.
  • All smart contracts are running on their own blockchain which ensures resource segmentation which is not available in Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • With customization, scalability and upcoming comprehensive adoption initiatives, it is firmly established in the market and has been set for a long time.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Aelf (ELF): multi-chain cryptocurrency

Aelf is a customizable operating system (OS) specially designed for blockchains. The team aims to make it the "Linux system" of the blockchain community. As you probably know, the adoption and innovation of blockchain is growing exponentially. First, Bitcoin led the way as a peer-to-peer digital currency. You can think of it as a simple application. Then, Ethereum made it possible to create specific decentralized applications (dapps) through smart contracts - essentially an application…

  • The use of the multi-chain system improves scalability while allowing cross-chain operations, with the ability to interact with different Blockchains such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.
  • ELF Tokens are used to pay the cost of using the system. This use refers to the deployment of smart contracts, the operation and upgrade of transaction and data transfer systems between chains.
  • The community can vote on major decisions including the election of mining nodes, the introduction of new features into the system and many other vital matters.
  • none

Revainrating 5 out of 5

high performance computing network

Aelf is a computational, parallel and multi-chain blockchain framework. The developers of the project distinguish it as a Linux ecosystem for blockchain, and it is designed to act as a versatile operating system that can meet commercial needs, generally more personalized. In other words, he is expected to provide the infrastructure for a new generation of digital businesses. The native ELF token is used to pay resource fees and perform other important tasks within the Aelf system, in…

  • Offers a decentralized high performance computing network in the cloud
  • All contracts issued are executed on their own blockchain.
  • It has a high market liquidity and is in the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the market.
  • Composed of great world brand developers and professional advisors.
  • Allows parallel processing for non-competitive transactions and cloud-based services.
  • It reduces the complexity of the data and provide the potential for a high level of customization.
  • His native token has presented an unusual volatility in recent months.
  • Your network still needs work.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Aelf Decentralized Cloud Computing Blockchain Network.

It is a pretty project and competitor in the dApp ecosystem, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining good support from the hazard capital arena. It’s also getting good partnerships to support it as development moves forward. This shows that its unique governance model and the use of side chains to control accordance usage on the block chain are being accepted a compatible for a blockchain operating system. The project is behind other more developed similar projects, but that doesn’t mean that…

  • Good project, capable team, well respected backers.
  • Stakeholders approve changes to the protocol, the main chain and the side ones.
  • The whitepaper is very detailed and thoroughly written.
  • The GitHub repositories are very active.
  • Main chain, Multi-layer side chains.
  • Improved process efficiency.
  • Each smart contract has a side chain – this way the main one is protected from a constant bottleneck effect (similar to lightning networks).
  • Users have no vote on any upcoming networks changes and adjustments.
  • Short amount of block validators on the Aelf crypto network.
  • Decisions are made by various people and their number of block producers is proposing with only one per year.

The Aelf project is grossly underrated and ignored. This is a great platform similar to Ethereum but relieving issues in speed, development, and scalability. Its investors include a lot of established and accredited VC firms, and investing before the 2019 token swap is a good bet in my opinion.

  • Aelf is a multi-layer blockchain just like Ethereum, but the team is building a more cohesive ecosystem, like Linux for blockchain. It uses sidechains to increase processing speed and relieve Ethereum's scalability issues. The aelf OS project is deep in development, and the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) ELF mining is highly effective. Testnet already clocked at 15,000 TPS.
  • For aelf OS to be successful requires mass market adoption, which the team is struggling with.