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Review on aelf by Maximiliano Aquino

Aelf, the blockchains OS...

I see Aelf as a Windows or Linux for blockchain, that is, it is a project with the purpose of creating a blockchain operating system. That's right, blockchain technology is a reality for dApps, smart contracts, social platforms and other infinity of applications, but we don't have an operating system, and that's where the Aelf project comes in, which aims precisely to create an operating system for blockchains, which it works as a backbone aggregating through other side chains all the other existing functionalities such as dApps and contract execution, this ecosystem is fed through its Elf token, which is used to pay for transactions within the Aelf system.

Pros & cons

  • aggregates blockchain functionalities into a single ecosystem
  • well-focused and qualified team
  • really a reality these days where everything tends to revolve around this blockachain technology
  • no negative points