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Review on aelf by Gabriel Medina

Blockchain Linux operating system

Aelf (ELF) is a cryptocurrency that is based on the blockchain protocol, therefore, the protocol par excellence is that of Bitcoin. It is decentralized, this means that there is no entity that owns it and the information will be stored on the computers of all those connected to such a network. In addition, it is safe and fast. Aelf technology also enables smart contracts.

This cloud-based distributed computing project aims to take advantage of all the advantages of Blockchain technology, in such a way that it intends to use different computers to solve problems that require a lot of computing power. The main objective is to develop an original operating system in order to be able to offer distributed cloud computing based on blockchain. It is known as Linux based on Blockchain, so that the foundations of such a system are provided and developers can build decentralized applications.

You will be able to develop applications because you will have an abstraction layer so that you can have your work easier.

ELF is stored in ERC20 compatible wallets like Exodus or MyEtherWallet.

The operating system has great challenges:

  1. Guarantee the scalability of the system.
  2. Unequal distribution of resources.
  3. Lack of predefined algorithms.

Among other outstanding features of Aelf is that it allows a single governance system and also build parallel blockchains.

In conclusion, Aelf is a customizable operating system (OS) specific to blockchain that aims to be a "Linux system" of the Blockchain community. The project is interesting, ambitious and brilliant for which it has a lot to prove and has attracted the interest of large investors (it has a solid backing from large private equity companies), especially in China.

Pros & cons

  • It has the support of quite a few investors.
  • It is totally decentralized, that is, there is no entity that governs it.
  • Cryptocurrency that is intended to be used as a high-performance and customizable operating system that could become the "Linux system" for blockchains.
  • The website has an attractive and modern design.
  • The team did not run a public campaign and therefore it is still people, including investors, who do not know what it is about.
  • There are only few wallets for ELF token storage.