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Review on aelf by Mehdi hazni

AELF project and its price analysis and currency chart

High-powered computers and very powerful computing systems generally take up a lot of space because they have to use multiple hardware at the same time. Thanks to blockchain technology, there is no need for much space and with the help of this network, a powerful system can be set up. I have personally seen several projects with this goal so far.

The aelf project has been launched for the same purpose. I had not heard the name of this project before I wanted to write the review and I thought it had a very bad rating in coinmarketcap. But then I saw that it is ranked 122, so it looks like a successful project.

Price and chart analysis: In the daily chart and btc pair, the downtrend seems to continue up to the Satoshi 740-760 range (Pictured below ) and then face a support. If supported, it is likely to grow up to 1000 Satoshi, and if not supported, the decline may continue up to 500 Satoshi.

Pros & cons

  • Compared to other similar projects (same ideas) it seems to be a successful project
  • The price trend is currently declining