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Review on aelf by francis fernandez

Aelf: a blockchain integration to provide complete solutions to the business world

Aelf is an open blockchain network that seeks to integrate in a single portal several blockchains integrated collaterally to its main protocol in order to offer business organizations a global solution.

Thanks to its ease of integration and compatibility in your blockchain, you can add other sidechains to your base chain to offer developers the opportunity to design decentralized applications for optimal individual operation in collateral chains. It achieves this due to the implementation of its AEDPOS consensus protocol that provides high performance and its cross-chain technology responsible for optimizing the validation mechanism and efficient communication between side chains and the base chain; achieving a total operability of the network.

How does your consensus protocol work?

The Aelf consensus protocol known as Delegated Acceptance Proof (AEDPOS) is responsible for ensuring that Aelf nodes record sidechain and mainchain data. The mining nodes are elected by voting carried out by the holders of Aelf token (ELF) and these nodes are in charge of distributing the benefits of mining to the rest of the participants.

How do you get ELFs?

The currency can be purchased in some exchange houses such as Binance or Huobi that convert BTC and ETH into ELF and Huobi can exchange ELF for USDT.

Where are ELFs stored?

ELF uses ERC20 compliant wallets, so your cryptocurrencies must be stored in MyEtherWallet or Exodus.

All the benefits and characteristics of Aelf predict a promising future in the digital economy market and its link to solving problems in the business world.

Pros & cons

  • Their website has a modern and visually appealing design.
  • It allows the interaction of several blockchains to improve the optimal functioning of the network in general and provide complete solutions to companies.
  • It serves as a base tool for creating decentralized applications applicable to broad sectors of the digital economy.
  • They have not had enough promotion.
  • They have few wallets for storing your ELF token.