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Review on aelf by adem usta

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Aelf (ELF) Project

Aelf is a decentralized cloud computing blockchain network that aims to meet individual and corporate needs. Lf has three basic characteristics: high performance, improved resource allocation, governance structure & development.
In the design of lf, created by running full nodes on the server cluster, operations can be executed in parallel. This means that nodes expand by adding multiple servers when the system's operating system load is very high. Thus, all nodes are not a single computer but rather a network of clusters.
With the help of its multi-chain structure, lf simultaneously achieves resource separation. In other words, an application running on the lf network will not be adversely affected by other applications and will continue to work in a healthy way. In addition, the side chains are not affected by each other and function independently. Each smart contract is executed directly through the sidechain rather than the main chain, thus ensuring consistent transaction speeds. Main chain; It functions as a ledger and communication center. It also unlocks highly efficient cross-chain communication, triggers smart contracts in side chains and provides effective synchronization between chains at different speeds.
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