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Review on aelf by Crypto Fact

It is an operating system for blockchains.

It operates as a blockchain network mainchain. Thus, businesses can develop their own dapp that will run as a sidechain, not in mainchain. Individuals can have their own custom blockchain and have full control over their privacy settings, updates and so on.

Pros & cons

  • Customizable compliant protocols enable regular updates to be applied to the grid. It fits in with future development through self-evolution. It attracts business and capital partners. The customization feature is not available on any exchange.
  • Transactions are processed more quickly through parallel-processing and the cloud service with which full nodes are run.
  • All smart contracts are running on their own blockchain which ensures resource segmentation which is not available in Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • With customization, scalability and upcoming comprehensive adoption initiatives, it is firmly established in the market and has been set for a long time.