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Review on aelf by Toprak Dere

About aelf

Aelf is a relatively new contender in the DApp platform race. However, it has solid support from major investment capital firms. The project uses resource allocation from side chains and a unique governance model to build the entire chain operating system.

While it is more advanced than similar projects, it can benefit from the synergy created by the openness and scalability of its architecture.

Aelf Coin (ELF Coin) can also be defined as a decentralized Blockchain network that develops itself. Aelf aims to offer high-performance platforms for Blockchain technology to become more common in commercial areas. Thanks to these platforms, it will be possible to reach blockchain infrastructures with high performance and better scalability.

In order to overcome the problems of the blockchain, Blocklf uses various ways to implement "side chains". Lf consists of a main chain and many side chains running smart contracts on the platform. While the main chain is the backbone of the whole system, side chains operate towards specific smart contracts.

Pros & cons

  • AELf network will provide decentralized cloud computing platforms that businesses or large organizations will need.
  • listed in most exchanges
  • We can say that the distance between blockchain technology and the business world is still not fully closed. Aelf Blockchain, which aims to eliminate the most important of the current problems in technology, will also destroy the borders between these two areas.
  • the project should be developed and promoted more