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Review on aelf by Özgün A

New generation Ethereum name: AElf

Aelf is a cloud blockchain network built on blockchains.

The operating system is similar to Linux.

Focused on efficiency and customization.

It is built on the ERC-20.

You can safely store it in most hardware wallets.

If there is too much density on the main chains, side block chains are formed and the density on the main chain is reduced. The entire system network acts as a cluster of computers rather than being managed from a single computer.

Hacking attacks on side chains do not affect main chains. Problems in side chains do not affect the main chain. Smart contracts are made through side chains.

It uses the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm and ensures cross-block trust.

Reducing data complexity is one of its important features.

Holders of lf coins have the right to vote on critical decisions. There is a community decision system.

Each blockchain is assigned to a single-use project. Thus, tasks are distributed among blockchains and system efficiency and speed are achieved.

Listed on Binance and many exchanges.

Pros & cons

  • Backed by Alphabit, Blockchain Ventures, ChainFunder, Draper Dragon and FGB Capital
  • Built on robust algorithms
  • Cited by many experts as one of the brightest projects of the future
  • Uses side chain technology to increase efficiency and speed
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