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Volume$ 256,864,900.41

About OMG Network

The OMG Network (first developed as OmiseGO) is a non-custodial, Layer 2 scaling solution for transferring value on Ethereum. The OMG Network allows you to access, manage, and transact with digital assets that are kept securely on the blockchain. The Network enables real-time value transactions, allowing enterprises to securely transfer value across geographies, asset classes, and applications without friction.

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OMG Network is a problem solver for the Ethereum Blockchain

With a theme that says Unbank the Banked, which is an ironical statement for providing a financial system for those who have little to no access to banking networks, OMG Network has come to solve…See more

It deserves to be more popular

OMG Network is a project where you can buy and sell blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. All transactions made through OMG Network are performed quickly. Your personal information is stored…See more

OMG Network

In my post today, I will talk about another project, OMG Network. OMG Network is a blockchain based system that allows for universal value transfer. This system allows money to be transferred…See more

OMG Network!!!

OMG Network is the best digital token used to pay for services on the Omise GO network. It is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standards for tokens. OMG can be bought, sold for flat…See more


Omg coin is a white-label eWallet. the full name of omg is also known as OmiseGo. omg also allow me to transfer coin from one blockchain to another without any using of a traditional exchange. the…See more

OMG Network: A Project Developed For Better Utilization Of The Ethereum Blockchain Network.

OMG Network is a cryptocurrency project, built on the ethereum blockchain network. OMG Network was founded by a Thailand based firm that was formerly known as Omise Holdings. The aim and purpose of…See more

OMG Network Review

OMG Network is similar in structure and target to Ripple, the third largest cryptocurrency by total market cap. The aim of both projects is known as making money transfers and payments decentralized…See more

About OMG Network

I had time without writing here and leaving a review. This time I will write a little about OMG Network. This is a network based on Ethereum that was thought and designed to address the present…See more


What is OmiseGO (OMG)? Omisego, an Ethereum-based financial technology, is an e-wallet and payment platform for real-time money and asset exchange. The name of the digital money used in this…See more


Twenty years ago, in its very first issue, OBJEKTSpektrum published an article on the importance of OMG standards and how they have resulted in significant real-world applications. In those far…See more