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_ Cryptocurrency Ox is a currency that is used within the system of the same name. Ox is a protocol that can be used to organize a decentralized exchange of assets and tokens issued on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. What pleases me about this platform is that it makes it possible to slow down and improve the smart contracts that underlie it. The credibility of the system is increased by the fact that large investment funds took part in its financing. The systems that will operate on the See full review

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Diamond, another fork of Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency came about as a result of the division, and its purpose is similar to that of the original Bitcoin, and it is a means of payment that allows you to pay online. Bitcoin forks, in theory, have a good purpose. They are created because they have to combat the shortcomings of the underlying crypt. It is worth noting that not all developments were successful. Bitcoin Diamond is trying to fix these shortcomings. One of the solutions to the problemsSee full review

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_ Let's talk about Ontology. This is a system for processing and transforming information, which is implemented on the basis of blockchain technology. The task of the developers of this platform was to create a platform that would allow digitizing people, events, products, connecting the API and the application layer of the system. Thus, this platform reflects the impact of reality on blockchain technology. The functional component of the system is as follows API gateway creating efficSee full review

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_ ICON is a digital token of the ICON platform, which wants to become a platform for uniting all blockchains in one place. It is worth noting that, today, this startup is considered one of the leaders in the Korean cryptocurrency market with a large network of blockchain projects. ICON is a fairly young coin, although it quickly won its place. In what I see positive qualities in ICON. This is what ICON creators have extensive experience in the world of cryptocurrencies, which is not unimportantSee full review

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_ If we talk about the Emercoin cryptocurrency, then this is a decentralized anonymous system, created to serve blockchains as well as businesses and private users. Initially, the project was conceived in order to provide the ability to settle between users in online games, as well as in social networks. And also in the future, the developers are planning to improve the platform. It should be noted that the network is highly secured. Based on the Emercoin blockchain, you can implement new projecSee full review

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_ If we talk about OMG, NETWORK is a cryptocurrency, as well as a publicly available financial technology based on Ethereum, which allows other conventional digital wallets to make currency exchanges and payments in real time. The OMG platform uses a consensus algorithm, so this mining is not provided. The more coins you earn, the faster you can take part in the creation of a new crypto block. This is very important for the rapid growth of capital and further actions. For those who want to trySee full review

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_Good and nice. Today I want to share my experience with the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency, as well as a vision of the prospects for the development of this payment platform. The crypto world is very volatile, and ETC is a clear confirmation of this. This digital currency has already experienced several ups and downs since the moment I started working with it, but at the moment it is a very good option for successful work. I was also pleased with the simplicity of financial management, transSee full review

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_ Recently I bought Zcash at a bargain price for only $ 100, now I bought it in addition. Zcash has absorbed all the advantages of ether and also an orientation towards development in world, which is a very large market, cooperation with the company's government, protection from quantum computers, faster transactions. Of the minuses, perhaps not such a developed infrastructure as that of the ether and greater centralisation. Zcash perspectives: Of course Zcash will be in the top, because the CoSee full review

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_ DASH cryptocurrency is one of the three most popular and reliable and anonymous cryptocurrencies. Its peculiarity is that when sending, transactions are mixed and form a single group, and this is a very good indicator, and then the user is sent chaotically to the addressees. By the way, the Dash coin was issued several years ago and it became one of the first cryptocurrencies to work on the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, which became popular among crypto investors and has become very mucSee full review

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If you talk about Qtum - a cryptocurrency, a token on the Ethereum platform, used to finance the project of the Singapore company Quantum Foundation to combine two blockchain technologies of the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks. In addition to combining the Etherum decentralized virtual machine, the startup provides support for a hybrid block hash code search algorithm, jointly using "proof of work" and "proof of ownership." Qtum's workflow is based on the Ethereum blockchain. After the Qtum contraSee full review

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EOS.IO is a blockchain that operates as a decentralized platform with smart contracts support for creating decentralized applications. The backbone of the blockchain is cryptocurrency. In June 2017, the EOS.IO platform was presented to the public, and on June 10, 2018, the community launched its own maine. In a study of basic blockchain protocols by benchmarking firm Whiteblock and ConsenSys, it is said that EOS is not a blockchain, but only a cloud computing service that does not use cryptograpSee full review

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Cardano was commissioned by a team of scientists and engineers. It offers us a unique approach to expanding and providing a blocking network. Cardano, to support and develop the platform. They belong to three separate platforms. These are called ADA in short and can be used to directly use or transfer prices. Cardano provides great opportunities for its users to be convenient. You can direct them to the right and convenient way with the right tools. Cardano uses advanced technologies to provide See full review

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tProbably one of the most important currency issues at the moment. Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that is gaining popularity soon. Since the inception of Litecoin, the number of users has increased even more. We should also note that many of them have disappeared from the market. Only those who can give their customers the support they deserve have become famous. Litcoin is a clear example of this. When Litcoin entered the cryptocurrency market, it was able to attract the attention of many investoSee full review

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With the advent of Bitcoin, various currencies have emerged in the market. Although some of them are missing, some have gained the trust of users in a short time. One of the most prominent of these is Ethereum, which managed to please its users when it entered the crypto market. This currency can be seen everywhere as clear evidence. We should also note that the daily trading volume is more different from the others. In addition, trade and negotiation fees are also on the rise. I came to the samSee full review

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Bitcoin is a blockchain based platform. On this platform you can find interesting information for yourself. The platform is growing day by day and increasing the number of users. If you are not familiar with the computerized account, I recommend starting with the Bitcoin platform. Here you can clearly learn the development and properties of electronic money. The increase in the number of users of this platform clearly shows that it is reliable. I can also say that there is an effective and largeSee full review

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