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Bitcoin Diamond

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Price$ 7.33
Volume$ 713,450,625.49

About Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond is a decentralized P2P Network designed for bitcoin users. Bitcoin Diamond is a fork of Bitcoin that occurs at the predetermined height of block 495866 and generation of a new chain BCD. Bitcoin Diamond miners can begin creating blocks with a new proof-of-work algorithm, and may consecutively develop and enhance the protection for account transfer and privacy based on original features of BTC.

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Bitcoin Diamond-surpassing the Bitcoin network

In a world of growing business opportunities; It is necessary to have a currency that, in addition to being stable in value; be accessible and easily manageable. Fiat money solves some of these…See more

Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin has significantly led the formation of new subcoins with the new altcoins it has created in the past years. Like Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Diamond. They have one of the excess…See more

The Bitcoin Diamond Hard Fork Might Be A Good Investment Indeed

Personally, I find it a little weird that over the years, the term bitcoin has expanded to encompass a lotof projects which have been built based on the bitcoin structure. These hard forks as they…See more

Best fork

Bitcoin Diamond is a project that has come from bifurcations in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin Diamond was created from Bitcoin's fork. It runs on the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin Diamond takes…See more

Bitcoin Diamond

In my post today, I will talk about another project, Bitcoin Diamond. Bitcoin Diamond is one of the Bitcoin hard forks. It attracts the attention of many people with their names and functions…See more

About Bitcoin Diamond

Today, I will talk to you about Bitcoin Diamond, which was launched under the leadership of two Bitcoin mining groups named 'Team-EVEY' and 'Team-007'. I can say that the main purpose of this…See more

bitcoin diamond

Bitcoin has led the formation of altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash and then Bitcoin Gold over the past year. Both of these cryptocurrencies created by the hard fork of Bitcoin have written their names…See more

Another Bitcoin Fork

Bitcoin Diamond was potentially one of the most contentious hard forks in 2017. Users on the web believed that the coin alone was a fraud. Some argued that it has been produced simply to chip in on…See more

Bitcoin diamond

Now every new innovation or technology introduced will in one way or the other be more advance than the previous one bitcoin diamond I would say brought interesting features that bitcoin were…See more

Bitcoin Diamond BCD

Over the years since Bitcoin was created, many cryptocurrencies have been created from the Bitcoin network. The process of forming them is called hard fork, which is probably the most popular hard…See more