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About Zcash

Zcash is a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency that provides strong privacy protections. It focuses on maintaining the absolute anonymity behind each transaction along with the parties and the amounts involved in it.

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Zcash the fungible cryptocurrency

ZCash acts more like a cash with a privacy option backed up by zk-SNARKs technology, also known as Zero-knowledge proofs that is users protective, the privacy technology is more efficient than other privacy cryptocurrencies, it is forked from...See full review

Zcash high privacy network with the help of blockchain

Zcash has a particular disclosure feature that allows me, as a customer, to choose whether or not to reveal or expose sections of my exchanges if the need for review arises. Another aspect worth mentioning is that it displays a high level of...See full review

Zcash is one of the cry pro currencies that have returned more than 100% investment despite the lows suffered.

IN such a competitive world of cryptos, very few currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin and Ethereum have stamped their presence. Zcash is one of those cryptos ... It is also a popular cryptocurrency, mainly because the developing company is...See full review

zcash cryptocurrency

This digital currency is a kind of fork for Bitcoin and the number of available units is 21 million. zcash has improved transaction speeds compared to bitcoin. Like bitcoin, zcash can be mined with miners and uses Proof of work. (proof of stake can...See full review

Cryptocurrency: Zcash (ZEC) - my review

While most cryptocurrencies show your complete payment history in a public ledger, Zcash is committed to keeping users private. It is the very first cryptocurrency available and open that can fully protect the privacy of transactions through...See full review

ZCash: for those who make privacy their priority

Both for government institutions, investors and for personal use, privacy in the management of our finances is important, since in our movements we leave a trace of our intentions and of the other people involved in a commercial transaction, which...See full review

Zcash: Zcash is a crypto project that functions admirably with exchanging.

ZCash (ZEC) is a cryptographic money that is mostly thought around private people in the open blockchain. At first, the Bitcoin snare was shipped off ZCash in 2016 for an immediate trade of insider facts. ZCash utilizes a zero information...See full review

Zcash is a crypto project that works well with trading.

ZCash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency that is mainly concentrated around private individuals in the open blockchain. Initially, the Bitcoin hook was sent to ZCash in 2016 for a direct exchange of secrets. ZCash uses a zero data authentication device...See full review

zcash is bitcoin fork

zcash is an open source encrypted cryptocurrency created in response to the problems of the Bitcoin network. This cryptocurrency uses the same bitcoin algorithm, but has improved its performance to some extent by using semi-transparent processing...See full review

Zcash is a privacy protecting digital currency exchange that works well for crypto traders

Zcash is a privacy protecting, digital currency built on strong science.Woth Zcash , people can transact efficiently and safely with low fees.Zcash is a platform that was launched October 2016,it has been a very great platform course I have really...See full review

Zcash is a crypto project that works well with trades.

Hello dear friends, today I want to write you an opinion about Zcash. Zcash is a cryptocurrency that was created a long time ago. This project is very great. Because, he has a lot of good information, he has a secure system, this crypto project...See full review