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Review on ICON by adem usta

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ICON Review

ICON Coin, one of the interesting crypto currencies of the market, connects the real world and the crypto money world with the ICX abbreviation in the markets. Financial institutions, insurance companies, hospitals, and universities are part of the ICON ecosystem. Increasing Korea's effectiveness in the blockchain industry, ICON develops applications in many sectors. ICON wallet supporting ICONex, ICX and various cryptocurrencies. Fast transactions, secure payments and a user-friendly interface are just some of the advantages offered by the wallet. The ICON platform is planned to work in many areas from banks to hospitals and universities. Founded in 2016, the Korean Financial Investment Blockchain Consortium consists of 26 securities firms. The first Blockchain service 'CHAIN ​​ID' and shared security system aimed at preventing ID theft, developed by ICON, was launched at the end of 2017. It has been announced that the companies included in the consortium will start using these ICON products this year.
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  • Insurance companies use ICON infrastructure
  • Banks included in the ICON network are working on a digital prepaid payment system.
  • Students who use Smart Vending Machines installed in universities in South Korea can make payments and transfer money.
  • Available on many exchanges
  • Development stage in some sectors

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