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Review on ICON by onur bln


The coin seems to increase even more in volume. You can see it from the volume chart. you can also check the amount of treatment. and you can see that some points on the increase graph were supported and strengthened at that point and rose again. Of course, it is difficult to give advice in this environment where the risk is at the ceiling, but I do not sell what I bought before because I expect an increase.

One of elon Musk's favorite projects. rare projects that are decentralized.

He doesn't understand anything about cryptocurrencies calling it the king of the worlds and the favorite of traders. I would say don't trust a coin that comes out for goygoy purposes rather than a project enough to print everything. The only reason it is spread on solid stock markets is because it is very old. If a few whales see it as a target, it'll take it until your frost, I tell you. A crowd of cryptocurrencies that went down to the well with the pump of the tictocrats would only be in dogecoin.

The coin that is claimed to be 1 dollar.

The crypto currency that is said to have lost 25% in value in a day but does not lose.

While it was 0.018 try 2 days ago, it went up to 0.03549 in two days (about 95% increase in value), now it is well-behaved around 0.032.

It is not possible to understand why it was written that it lost 25% value. He probably says that when the dollar went from 5 lira to 7 lira in two days and relaxed to 6.5, it probably lost 25% of the dollar or something. Crypto money that has lost 12 percent in the last 24 hours. By the way, the day before that had lost 25 percent. I recommend that young big adolescents who do not understand how they lose value should follow the market values. Do not attempt to play an expert role, especially by giving an example of dollars.

let me repeat once more. coin that should not be entered to earn money. Since it will be produced in an unlimited way, it may not earn much, this is not the problem of Dogecoin anyway, it is a coin with a fun community, made entirely for goygoy purposes. nevertheless, the market volume has increased unexpectedly to date. Also, their transfers are among the cheapest coins.

I don't understand why people don't pay enough attention to subcoins like this and that.

Pros & cons

  • Awesome coin that left me a car money profit when buying and selling years ago
  • It has increased enormously. Tiktok's only contribution to my life.
  • Crazy coin in flight.
  • About to break the 1.5-year descending trend
  • elon musk wrote ceo of dogecoin to his twitter profile
  • I wish it increased more beautiful coin.
  • Bunu mu demek istediniz? her aldığımda en az yuzde 30 değer kaybeden indir. 52/5000 It's the coin that loses at least 30 percent of value every time I buy it.
  • 186/5000 It is a currency with long investment advice, what does it promise to get investment advice. Even the technology of the cryptos is a joke from the stone age.