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Revainrating 3.5 out of 5  
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Description of Selfkey

SelfKey (KEY) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the Ethereum platform. SelfKey has a current supply of 5,999,999,954.464072 with 5,304,969,445.705637 in circulation. The last known price of SelfKey is 0.00896147 USD and is down -2.66 over the last 24 hours. It is currently trading on 55 active market(s) with $8,505,117.47 traded over the last 24 hours. More information can be found at https://selfkey.org/.


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Type of review

Revainrating 4 out of 5

About Selfkey

Selfkey Coin is the native cryptocurrency of Selfkey, a Blockchain-based identity platform. Selfkey technology provides a platform for individuals, companies, exchanges and banks to manage identity data. A traditional KYC process is costly and often unsafe. Because data is stored in central databases. SelfKey uses a decentralized approach and cryptographic technologies to significantly lower the cost of an identity interaction and improve security and customer experience. The SelfKey…

  • SelfKey coin tries to address these issues by using open-source, user-centered, decentralized, blockchain-based data management mechanisms, allowing users to fully control their identity.
  • none

Revainrating 5 out of 5

SelfKey Market

Selfkey is a blockchain-based digital identity system that allows individuals and companies to dominate their digital identities. People using Selfkey can easily access personal and residency information for token trading, exchanges, investments and many other things. Key Coin is the ERC-20 token, which is the payment unit in the digital identity system. Key Coin is a token used when making transactions within the Selfkey system. Since it is decentralized, it ensures that transactions are…

  • Buying and selling key coins is simple
  • Increasing in price
  • Provides convenience in many trading transactions
  • No downsides

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Selfkey: Intriguing realities and news about selfie.

Hi, and welcome to this site. Indeed, I have contemplated and heard this stage a few times and in numerous spots. Membership to monetary administrations has been made simpler on this stage. Your own character implies that your realities have a place with you. The SelfKey Wallet gives you full oversight over your novel posts, archives, and computerized content. This stage won't ever take or lose your own insights or computerized resources. Keep your own records and virtual things protected and…

  • There is a virtual character.
  • Decentralized stage.
  • I didn't follow the terrible side any longer

SelfKey is a framework of computerized nature that is blocked by a co-ordinated business administration center, which allows individuals to take responsibility for their information and divide individuals through venture, merger, monetary administrations, note agreements, and coin trading. this is the case in any and all harmful ways. In addition, customers can use SelfKey for secure operations with their crypto portfolio and immediate action, cryptographic money and money services. At this…

  • The SelfKey coin seeks to address these issues by using open source, customer-centric, decentralized, blocking-based information that allows full control over customer behavior.
  • No problems

Self-Key is an immense multiverse having a place with the monetary existence where its principle design is to give a kind of non-custodial help for holders and financial backers. For making that conceivable, they offer a free computerized wallet that has every one of the highlights of trade. It shows a total equilibrium when the record is arranged, and the primary window works with incredible interoperability that grants clients to associate with other outer organizations and utilize t

  • A computerized apparatus can be utilized openly through the web when executing market exchanges, or into the neighborhood gadget of clients when they simply need to check their equilibrium.
  • It has an open wallet that works very useful for putting away different tokens. The primary assignment of this item isn't holding resources, yet filling in as a decentralized e Trade that finds exchanges among networks.
  • The organization is upheld by different advanced financial backers including some internet services.
  • It has an open blog that regularly transfers news about the venture and every one of the enhancements that are being done there.
  • The undertaking has a decent choice of items for being viewed as an all out prepared monetary partner.
  • The organization has its own token, however it is still minimal utilized. Since they rely upon it to grow up, the overall status may be influenced.

Selfkey (KEY): is a task that spotlights on an overall market, has a degree of care of data higher than others, the degrees of safety and security are ideal, for clients who require it's anything but, an arrangement of different chains of squares which makes the exchanges of data and tokens are made in a more extensive channel and with more noteworthy number of exercises each moment, the alternatives introduced by this sort of money for clients is quick, stable and with eminent accessibility in

  • It has a versatile and work area wallet application, which is viable with different working frameworks, Android and iOS.
  • They have exceptionally high security and protection principles, and follow extremely definite rules.
  • Its worth in various market is low.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

My understanding about the project Selfkey

Not many ICO projects have the degree of genuine organization and appropriation that SelfKey is required to have. There were higher extra levels before the public presale, however there is an enemy of unloading strategy set up (for example to fit the bill for the most elevated reward level, half of the tokens are secured for a half year). Thusly, we accept there ought to be sufficient neglected interest for this undertaking to have great transient potential expecting the current market…

  • SelfKey coin attempts to resolve these issues by utilizing open-source, client focused, decentralized, blockchain-based information the executives components, permitting clients to completely control their personality.
  • Nothing about it

Self-Key is a vast multiverse belonging to the financial world where its main purpose is to provide a type of non-custodial assistance for holders and investors. For making that possible, they offer a free digital wallet that has all the features of exchange. It shows a complete balance when the account is configured, and the main window works with great interoperability that permits users to connect to other external networks and make use of the project as if it were a real public exchange.

  • It is a digital tool that can be used freely through the internet when executing market transactions, or into the local device of customers when they just want to check their balance.
  • It has an open wallet that works pretty good for storing diverse tokens. The first task of this product is not holding assets, but serving as a decentralized e Exchange that locates transactions among networks.
  • The company is supported by diverse digital investors including some internet providers.
  • It has an open blog that frequently uploads news about the project and all the improvements that are being done there.
  • The project has a good selection of products for being considered a total equipped financial assistant.
  • The company has its own token, but it is still little used. Since they depend on it to grow up, the general status might be affected.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Selfkey (KEY): is a project that focuses on a general market.

Selfkey (KEY): is a project that focuses on a general market, has a level of custody of information higher than others, the levels of security and privacy are optimal, for users who require it, works with a system of multiple chains of blocks which makes the transactions of information and tokens are made in a wider channel and with greater number of activities per minute, the options presented by this type of currency for users is fast, stable and with notable availability in the markets, is…

  • It has a mobile and desktop wallet application, which is compatible with various operating systems, Android and iOS.
  • They have very high security and privacy standards, and follow very exact guidelines.
  • Its value in different market is low.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A project with different features: Selfkey

Hello everyone, today I will write my review about the Selfkey project, which is one of the projects that has remained a bit in the background. Selfkey is an innovative project in every sense. For example, this project has made the KYC verification system on almost every platform a little easier on its own platform and enables people to register faster. When I first saw this system, I could not understand how it was, but after I learned it, everything started to seem simpler to me. After…

  • Profitable platform
  • Website design is self-explanatory and easy to use
  • Being one of the rare projects that can be trusted
  • It is a project consisting of a completely real and professional team
  • High level of security with a new KYC system
  • Low value and rank of Selfkey project's KEY token

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Selfkey: a tool for data, asset and document security

Selfkey is a platform that allows the development of identification systems based on the security offered by blockchain technology; since their transactions are recorded in the ledger in an immutable way. Selfkey creates a digital economic system that monetizes identification data by offering this blockchain service to companies, institutions, financial entities and individuals as a solution to their security and privacy problems, through the KYC mechanism. Token: The token used by the…

  • It is a useful tool to create secure identification systems
  • Allows the commercialization of identity data through cryptocurrencies
  • It is a decentralized operating platform
  • Gives the user control of their funds, data and valuable information
  • The cryptocurrency has a volatile value.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Digital identity certificate platform

Selfkey (KEY) is a decentralized platform for the maintenance of control and management of identity in its entirety that has the concept of self-sovereign identity that puts us in control of our data and ensures that we leave behind identity theft in the past. Project details The project evolved from KYC-Chain. The company enabled organizations and individuals to better manage their customer insight processes. The next step for the company was to raise funds in the ICO market and SelfKey…

  • Decentralized platform that will be of great help to us (both for people and companies) for the maintenance of our identity avoiding fraud or impersonations that invade it.
  • It solves the annoying problems of KYC verifications making them much easier and faster.
  • Lack of simplicity in website and whitepaper.
  • Certifiers could have excessive power that can be used to abuse the system, these would become the bottleneck.

Very few ICO projects have the level of real world partnership and adoption that SelfKey is expected to have. There were higher bonus tiers before the public presale, but there is an anti-dumping policy in place (i.e. in order to qualify for the highest bonus tier, half of the tokens are locked up for 6 months). Therefore, we believe there should be enough unmet demand for this project to have good short-term potential assuming the current market environment holds.

  • SelfKey is a decentralized identity system whereby users can instantly verify their identity to access a variety of products and services such as financial services, exchanges, token sales, passport/citizenship registration, and more. With SelfKey, the pain of KYC onboarding will be eliminated. Users only need to enter their information once, and their information can used for any products on the SelfKey marketplace. SelfKey’s products include (1) an identity wallet, (2) a marketplace with over 300 products and services including residency and citizenship by investment, company incorporation, bank account set up, etc., and (3) a protocol and API built for KYC.KYC Chain, the company behind SelfKey, has been used to power KYC onboarding for different companies since 2013. KYC Chain has gone through 3 startup accelerators: Digital Ventures (setup by Siam Commercial Bank in Thailand), Accenture Fintech Lab, and Supercharger.
  • KEY tokens will be used to power the SelfKey network in a number of ways. Each member of the ecosystem, such as users, certifiers, and relying parties, will need to stake a certain amount of KEY tokens in order to participate. KEY tokens are also used for payments on the SelfKey platform. Example of uses include paying for request attestations, receiving identity claims, and paying for marketplace listings. As KEY tokens are needed for staking and transact on the SelfKey platform, the more usage and transaction the platform has, the more valuable KEY tokens should be.

The road map is very promising. The team is also very active. Updates are constantly.

  • I think the privacy is most important in digital world and this project can bring digital world to a new level.
  • The question is if the this project could beat THEKEY project.

This is a Great project , because the protection of our identity is very important nowadays .

  • I love SelfKey's idea , it is a decentralized management system for identification data used to go through the KYC procedure. The product consists of a number of software components and an interaction protocol ased on an ERC-20 token. Selfkey have also announced that they already have agreements with 250 organizations willing to work with this model. These partners’ services fill the internal service marketplace of the platform and are available via the SelfKey wallet.
  • Looking at Selfkey’s Roadmap, It’s Very Obvious That This Is a Long Term Project. The Roadmap Currently Shows Milestones up until Q4 2019.