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Review on Decred by adem usta

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Decred Coin

Decred can be defined briefly as an ecosystem that wants to create a decentralized network primarily intended to be built on the Blockchain system. The Forking process of the Bitcoin Blockchain in 2016 was created through the Hard fork application.
Decred has a system that can use Proof of Work and Proof of Stake proofs simultaneously. Decred's developer team thinks that the powerful system created by PoW and PoS can make a significant contribution to users.
Decred, who was surprised by the crypto money world when it was first launched, has a voting system used in its own network system. Thanks to this voting system, every user has a say regarding a change that will take place within the Decred network.
In case of a crisis, it can easily overcome the problem with a democratic voting system. In addition, thanks to the wallet application that Decred offers to its users, they can easily use the platform's features in Windows, macOS and Linux.
Decred's developer team has integrated the Atomic swap feature to work integrated with the DCR coin. Thanks to the Atomic swap feature, users on the platform can change crypto currencies without the need for third parties. Apart from the atomic swap feature, DCR has a feature similar to SegWit in its infrastructure. With the feature of separating signatures during the transaction from data, it allows more data to be contained, thus an increase in transaction speeds is observed.
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  • The platform is safe and fast
  • Multi language support
  • The project is not very effective in the market

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