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Paxos Standard

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Price$ 1.00
Volume$ 84,049,118.20

About Paxos Standard

Paxos is represented as a Trust company, that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Paxos token PAX is the first digital asset issued by a financial institution and is fully collateralized by USD.

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Stablecurrency as an alternative to Tether

Paxos Standard (PAX) is a stablecoin created on the Ethereum network and since its inception it was listed on Binance. This digital currency is regulated by the New York Department of Financial…See more

Crypto Money Market with PAX

Paxos Standard has determined its slogan as the opportunity to process Internet speed. Paxos, with the goal of digitizing the US dollar, has been developed to transfer money regardless of time and…See more

A stable-coin that you can trust.

PAX is a decent method to store your assets as crypto unafraid of value variances. As an organization it has kept on enhancing and manufacture associations in the space. One of the primary…See more

Paxos standard: a stable coin that is here to stay in the finacial sytem

Paxos standard (PAX) is a digital currency whose maximum issue is 249,951,954 PAX and is approximately 95% in circulation in the market. The main characteristic of this cryptocurrency is its value…See more

Regulated Stable coin

Just like Tether, Paxos is a completely USD-backed digital currency. Paxos, on the other side, is regulated and authorized by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Paxos' system…See more

Stablecoin is reputable but needs to overcome some points to be used by more people

The stablecoin was licensed by the New York Treasury Department in 2015 and it is certified as a reputable and reliable company. Paxos works in the fiduciary and trading of cryptocurrencies as well…See more

Paxos: Receptivity, Speed, and Operativeness for Blockchain with Good Network Integration

Paxos is another good companion for the governmental sections of the financial world. It is a Blockchain with little trading, but it is increasing the value for other tasks to offer good…See more


To review a stable coin, of course, it must be compared with other stable coins. That's why I want to compare Paxos with Tether, the most popular stable coin, which has been the most valuable stable…See more


It is a token that has become one of the stablecoin. Created on the most popular Ethereum network on the market, as it was not long ago quickly listed on Binance. In the same way, it is the first…See more

high quality stable coin project

The Paxos standard stable coin has developed into one of the most widely used stable coin because of its stability to the dollar peg, liquidity, and acceptance at most of the large exchanges…See more