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Logotipo de latoken

This project, Latoken LA, is one of the projects I know which is actually booming currently. Latoken was built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology which implies that it is an ERC-20 token. I do trust the Ethereum Blockchain technology because it has been the basis of many projects and exchanges so far and I consider it as the best Blockchain technology serving today. I would love you to consider trading and investing in this project Latoken LA, because from my own point of view, I think Latoken LA is going to be a very traded cryptocurrency token just like many other cryptocurrencies today. It is currently available on its own exchange, Latoken and also on HitBTC. The only problem I have with this coin is that it is not available on many exchanges but really has a nice trade volume. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this project, Latoken LA.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinsbit token

Coinsbit CNB is a cryptocurrency token of the Coinsbit exchange and from what I know about this project, it is an ERC-20 that is, it was built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology which is a very nice Blockchain technology. It is a nice project and is really growing. From what I know about this project and its exchange, they were built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology and are currently booming. Coinsbit CNB, is used to reward users of the Coinsbit exchange on certain activities carried out on its platform. On activities like referrals and staking, the Coinsbit exchange rewards user with Coinsbit CNB which is 100% sure. The Coinsbit exchange is a very nice exchange to trade on that rewards its users. I say this because I also got my own share of the reward from referrals and also from trading competitions. In conclusion, I strongly recommend this project, Coinsbit CNB.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinsbit

Coinsbit is an Estonian based cryptocurrency exchange, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange for that matter which was established earlier in the year 2018, on the month of August. So far so good, this exchange as really gained popularity as well as many users who trade on its market. On Coinsbit market, it supports many cryptocurrencies as well as having liquidity for the available cryptocurrencies on its platform which makes it a very interesting exchange to trade on. It also has more than one fiat gate, six for that matter and also supports many languages which makes me kind of rate as a global exchange after seeing all of its features. It also allows the use of debit and credit cards for purchasing cryptocurrencies available on its market but your card must be a Master card or a Visa card, any card other than that, that I have mentioned above will not be accepted. In conclusion, Coinsbit is a very legit, secVer reseña completa

Logotipo de gemini dollar

Talking about this project, Gemini Dollar, it is stable coin and as you should know, it is the cryptocurrency project of the Gemini exchange and also an ERC-20, that is, it was built on the Ethereum Blockchain technology which is, by my personal view, the best Blockchain technology so far. I also got to know that this project, Gemini Dollar, is the first stable coin in dollar, to be backed by the United States itself apart from all other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC. Actually, I got to know about this project, Gemini Dollar, from Revain and also from my experience trading on the Gemini exchange, however, I only trade my assets for it, Gemini Dollar GUSD, but not very usually. To cut it all Short, I recommend this project, Gemini Dollar GUSD, and also its exchange Gemini.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de gemini

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange which was established lately in the year 2014. This exchange is one of the nicest cryptocurrency exchange platforms to actually trade on. From my knowledge about this exchange, Gemini is a privately owned exchange with head quarters in New York in the United States. Gemini is a very simple and reliable exchange to trade on because I can tell from experience that it is very easy to use and also a trusted exchange. Trading on Gemini is not something difficult to do because just as I mentioned earlier, it is very easy to use. Trading on Gemini is actually fun if you are an experienced trader learner or may I say; traders who are beginners in trading cryptocurrencies might miss it out because it is not bent on the exchange but actually the kind of cryptocurrency you are actually trading. Moreover, on Gemini market, it supports many cryptocurrencies and also has much liquidity for trade. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de c2cx

This exchange, C2CX, was established since December in the year 2016 from Hong Kong which used to serve with high efficiency especially for Chinese as well as Asian cryptocurrency traders and it really gained a lot of users as it grew and became a very popular cryptocurrency exchange but right now, it exchange is no longer accessible because it is now inactive. After making my researches on this exchange, I discovered that C2CX has been marked as untracked listing on coinmarketcap as well as many other cryptocurrency organizations and I am pretty sure you know what that means. It is now a dead exchange and is no longer serving. In conclusion, my advice for you is that you should try and look for other exchanges that is readily available.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de vinex network

Just as I got to know, this exchange, Vinex Network, is currently going Through a very big problem and what I really meant by that was that; Vinex Network development team is currently passing through difficulties on their system and so, it is currently and for a while now, not available for users to access. Vinex Network is a British centralized exchange based in Virgins Islands and established earlier since June 2018. This exchange has been inaccessible for some months now and so I decided to make researches about it whether or not, it is scam exchange. At first, I thought it is a dead exchange but after getting the informations about it from my researches, I discovered that it is not a dead exchange. It has been reported that Vinex Network have been having problems with their users data which originated from their Google drive however, the assets of their users are still available in Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase pro

Coinbase pro is a very advanced cryptocurrency exchange with very high efficiency in performance. Based in the United States, Coinbase pro was formerly known as GDAX because I learnt GDAX was acquired by Coinbase. In Coinbase pro is a platform owned by the Coinbase global inc as it is currently one of the most cryptocurrency exchange platforms with a very high security system. From what I have experienced from this exchange, Coinbase pro has a very well established platform as it has many tools required of an excellent exchange. It is a fast and reliable exchange to trade and store your assets because from the look of things, I do not really think any hacker would be able to gain access into its cloud storage because Coinbase pro has a very sound security system. However, Coinbase pro is not a cheap exchange to trade on, as it used to be, professional companies like it, is not that common. In conclusion, Coinbase pVer reseña completa

Logotipo de abcc

When I first got to know about this exchange, ABCC, it seemed to be a joke not until I made my researches about it services, I also visited its platform's website and I explored through its platform and from the look of things, this exchange is a perfect example of cryptocurrency exchanges that are easily accessible and with much liquidity for cryptocurrencies available on its market. ABCC is a very liquidity exchange an also a very reliable exchange to trade on. On its active market, it supports a good number of cryptocurrencies liquidity which makes trading on its platform fun. ABCC a very well established exchange as it has a very nice interface as well as a nice trade view. It is easily accessible both on a web browser and also on its mobile app which is available on Google Play store and also on apple store for Android and iOS devices. Moreover, this exchange is a very good exampleVer reseña completa

Logotipo de latoken

Latoken is one cryptocurrency trading platform that offers much services and it's also a very reliable exchange. It is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges I know that always issue new cryptocurrency tokens and also carry out airdrop services. Most times, Latoken lanches new cryptocurrency tokens and provide liquidity for all issued cryptocurrency token. This exchange, Latoken, is actually a very successful cryptocurrency exchange I say this because, just as I observed, is one exchange that is currently growing vastly. This exchange has gained a lot of users so far, also, Latoken is one exchange that supports a lot of cryptocurrency as well as much liquidity even for the new cryptocurrency tokens available on its market. Moreover, trading on Latoken is fun as it charges low fees for every trade on its market and it is very easy to use, Latoken supports the use of debit and credit cards for purchasing cryptocurrencies. In Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dragonex

Dragonex which is also known as Dragon Exchange is a Singaporean exchange which was established earlier in the year 2017. Dragon Exchange is one of the Exchanges I know as where cryptocurrency traders can trade their assets with much convenience. It is a very nice exchange and well established. Dragon Exchange is one of the safest exchange to trade and in addition to its services, it has a very high liquidity which is what I love most about it. Also, Dragon Exchange is a very safe exchange to trade on because it has enough security system to ensure the safety of the assets of its users. Moreover, Dragon Exchange supports many cryptocurrencies as there are very many cryptocurrency pairs available on its active market and it has simple features, however, it once experienced security breach which was not really a nice event and I would love to let you know that the developers of this exchange has suspended withdrawaVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bitfinex

Although this exchange seems to be a very nice and well performing exchange and proven to be an excellent exchange but I do not really like most of its functions or may I say ; features. Bitfinex is more like an advanced cryptocurrency exchange to me because the look of its platform's interface doesn't really look similar to many other exchanges I have traded on there by, not being very familiar to me. Moreover, what also scared me about this exchange was the result of my researches on the first time I wanted to register on it platform to start trading on but I discovered that Bitfinex once suffered from invaders who stole some private keys and got access to its users wallets and That made me back off. In conclusion, you can try it out yourself so that you will see things in your own way but as for me, I have backed off.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de yobit

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange which was established since the year 2014 and is based in Russia. This exchange, YoBit, is one of the Exchanges I know for their reliability and it's high liquidity. When I say liquidity, I mean "LIQUIDITY". This exchange is heavily liquid of cryptocurrencies available on its active market. YoBit is a very secure exchange to trade on because it has never experienced any case of intruders stealing any funds. In terms of accessibility, YoBit has my rating for excellence. It is a sure and legit exchange to trade your assets. YoBit is easily accessible on any web browser and even on its own mobile app which I found to be even faster and easier to use. Moreover, on Twitter, YoBit is always active and give active updates on activities on its platform. In short, YoBit is a world class exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dogecoin

Dogecoin, DOGE, is one of my best and mostly traded cryptocurrency, this is because of the success and productive I gained from trading and investing in it. Dogecoin is an altcoin, that is, it is an alternative coin when referring to Bitcoin, BTC, it is a minable cryptocurrency designed on a perfect Blockchain. From what I got to know about this coin, DOGE, I got to understand that it was built on the Binance Smart Chain, BSC, which is a very nice Blockchain. Dogecoin DOGE really has a high coin circulation as it also has a very high trade volume. To me, this coin is very good for investment and also for day to day trade as it is a profitable cryptocurrency to trade because by this time last year in the month of may, I had a very high profit sale of my DOGE after holding it for months, however presently, as of the date I wrote this review, DOGE is really facing an epic fall in price which is quite discouraging to both traders and investVer reseña completa

Logotipo de poloniex

When we talk about reliable cryptocurrency exchange platforms, I rate this exchange, Poloniex as one of the best, if not the best. As far as I am concerned, Poloniex should be rated as the best cryptocurrency exchange of this present era. Actually, Poloniex was founded in the year 2014 and for seven years now, Poloniex has and is still proving itself to be a well established platform. This exchange supports many cryptocurrencies on its active market and as it also happens to be, Poloniex is a mightily liquid exchange, what I am trying to say is that Poloniex has a very high liquidity for all cryptocurrencies available on its market. On its market, it has a very well designed interface with all its available tools, in fact, Poloniex is a well established platform. In conclusion, I strongly recommend that you trade on Poloniex.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de btse

Talking about this project, BTSE, I can say it is one of the cryptocurrencies that I have really got exited about because of its boom in this year, that is, I bought some BTSE late last year which was cheaper when compared to this year and presently. I really love and would love to have the kind of profits just as I got in BTSE. BTSE really has a nice trade volume and available on only few markets like Uniswap, ExMarkets, Bitfinex and also on its own exchange's market and as preferred by me I traded BTSE on its own platform's market. Also, the Btse exchange is a very nice exchange to trade on because it is always accessible whether on a web browser or on its own mobile app. In short, Btse is a very nice exchange and I can never forget the kind of profit I made only on trading this coin, BTSE.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dex-trade

When discussing about exchange with very nice services, I term this, Dex-trade as one of those nice and greatly performing Exchanges. One thing I cherish and salute most of or may I say about an exchange is its liquidity and as it has been, Dex-trade is one good example of exchanges with Liquidity of cryptocurrencies for trade. This exchange, Dex-trade is easily accessible as it is accessible both on any web browser and on its well designed mobile app but as most preferred by me, I consider using its mobile app as the best because it is fast and easy to use. This exchange is a very secure exchange to trade your cryptocurrencies because since I have been trading here I have never had any problem of insecurity and that is also a very good quality of an exchange. In conclusion, Dex-trade is really a good idea of an exchange to trade your assets.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de velic

To be honest, though I have had enough experience with trading cryptocurrencies on many cryptocurrency exchanges but despite my experience so far on trading cryptocurrencies, I really had a difficult time trying to access this exchange's platform and this was simply because this exchange, Velic, is not a very popular cryptocurrency exchange. Velic actually has a nice trade view as well as a moderately nice liquidity. Also, Velic supports a good number of cryptocurrencies but it is not up to my satisfaction. It supports just three main/global languages which are English, Chinese and the Korean language. In conclusion, I do not really like this exchange because it seems to be only accessible only on its mobile app.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de flybit

Base on the true fact about this exchange, Flybit, it is a very nice exchange anyone would want to trade on because believe me you, you would not want to miss out the fun of trading cryptocurrencies on an excellent exchange platform. Flybit is actually a cryptocurrency exchange from Seoul in South Korea and from what I know and what I have been hearing about South Korean cryptocurrency exchange platforms, they are mostly well designed and well performing Exchanges. Flybit is an I exchange I have come to know about by its high liquidity unlike many other exchanges. In terms of trade volume and number of cryptocurrencies an Exchange has, Flybit has both of these two characters I have earlier mentioned. In short, I don't have much to say but all I have to tell you is that Flybit is a perfect exchange to trade on.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de btcbit.net

Right from the very first time I got to know about this exchange, BTCBit .net, what first came across my thoughts was actually right about it anyway and what actually came across my thoughts was that this exchange is a one that supports trading of Bitcoin BTC mainly. Although it supports many other cryptocurrencies but as for Bitcoin BTC, it spent majority of it liquidity and value on Bitcoin BTC. This exchange even from its interface's look is actually a very nice and standard exchange to where cryptocurrency traders can actually smartly trade their digital assets. As of the last time I traded here, I think this exchange, BTCBit, is actually or permit me to say; BTCBit has features professional cryptocurrency traders would enjoy. In addition, BTCBit has an effective and responsive support and that is more of what any trader would like also about this exchange. In conclusion, BTCBit is a actually a very nice exchange to trade Ver reseña completa

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