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Logotipo de shindigz

Recently i bought a pair of shoes from and at first i thought "great! this will be perfect for my friend's birthday party!", but after the first night wearing them, they turned out to be too small for me! Nevertheless, they are beautiful shoes so now i'm looking for another "shoe" (the term shoe sometimes refers to any kind of footwear) that would fit me perfectly. I checked their website again but now they're slightly over my budget so now the hunt continues! My opinions about the store: -I think the store is great, but expensive. I know that this comes with quality and variety of products on offer, which you won't find on other stores. -Delivery is fast, especially if you live in the USA (for international orders it usually arrives after 3 weeks or so). Shindigz is an online store that sells party supplies such as invitations, decorations and tableware. It offers a wide variety of options such as different products' categories (balloons, banners, candles), color selection and personalization (names, dates). Their website has a simple design and it's easy to navigate which makes the shopping experience pleasurable even for first time users like me! Shindigz is a popular online store that offers party supplies such as invitations, decorations and tableware. It has a wide variety of options for different categories (balloons, banners, candles) and color selection. For those looking to personalize their products with names and dates there's no better place than Shindigz! The website design it simple but effective; the navigation makes the shopping experience pleasurable even for first time users like me who had never shopped on this site before.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de freshdirect

FreshDirect is a online grocery store. You can order from them and they will deliver your groceries to you the same day. They have no minimum for free delivery, so even if you just want one ice cream cone, it won't cost you any extra than $12 dollars. It's an awesome service that I've been using for about three or four months now and would recommend anyone who lives in New York City to try it out because it saves you a lot of time and money compared to going to a regular chain supermarket like Gristedes or Food Emporium. I used this company mainly when I was in college because my kitchen at school didn't have enough storage space for all of my needs when I wanted to cook. What I would do is go to FreshDirect and buy all of the groceries that I needed for a month or two, then put them in the closet of my dorm. This saved me lots of time because instead of going to Gristedes everyday, I could just order everything on FreshDirect's website and they would deliver it right away. I also liked the fact that you can get nutritional information about each product on their site. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, you can look up almond milk online and it will show how many calories are in one serving. That was really helpful when I was trying not to eat too much junk food while studying for midterms or finals during college made me gain some weight over the years. to time I had two midterms scheduled back -Their website is hard to navigate and navigating through the site takes a really long time. -The prices for items on the site are usually more expensive than what you will find in stores nearby. .Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de vivid seats

(Vivid Seats Review) This is my review of Vivid Seats. I had to switch back to regular internet just to write this, because the company would not let me post or rate their services. I was surprised that they deleted it initially, but then glad! They continue to make false statements about their service and refused to answer any of my questions (which were all answered with great detail by others here who also tried out their site).  I don't know if these are valid complaints, but I do know that there is MUCH more negative than positive regarding this company.  When you're ready for some real-world experience about Vivid Seats, skip down towards the bottom where you will find very detailed reviews and complaints from other people who also tried their service and had a bad experience. I'll start with the feedback I've read on their Facebook and Twitter pages: I just took a quick look at their FB page and they haven't responded to most of the negative claims on there from upset customers.  Not one! Also, when they have asked people who were unhappy with their service to call them about being charged hidden fees or taxes, etc., they either get no response or are told by Vivid Seats that "we do charge VAT taxes and a fee that covers the cost of your seat." When asked for details about how much it costs, they don't answer. What kind of company does that? Hmmmm... I totally agree with all these posts here. I wish I had read them first before using Vivid Seats. One other thing I found very odd is that they make no mention to their privacy policy, refunds or policies until you set up an account - once again trying to catch the consumer off guard and make them pay for something without realizing what's going on!  Oh, and if you do try to file a complaint or refund request online, be sure to have a nice cold drink nearby because after clicking submit it 2+ minutes just for the complaint to go through and for them to receive it, you'll need a moment in the refrigerator.  It's like watching paint dry... Vivid Seats is not BBB accredited and neither do they have any reviews on Yelp or Better Business Bureau. I'm sure we all know why by now. Again, if anyone has anything nice to say about Vivid Seats, please share because I haven't found much yet!! Best of luck!Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de allen brothers

Allen Brothers has been a mainstay in the convenience store and foodservice distribution industry for over 100 years. They distribute some of the most recognizable brands today: - Bumble Bee Tuna - Just Born Candy (Reeses, Mike & Ike) - Del Monte Produce (Mott's, Sunkist Fruit Gems, etc.) - Red Bull Energy Drinks My experience with Allen Brothers was nothing short of outstanding. When I went down to their office in Philadelphia to take an internship interview with them (I actually got the job! =D), they gave me a tour of their headquarters. It was very impressive. Very clean, organized, well kept up and everything seemed almost too spiffy for a distribution center. The offices were amazing. They have a large board room with an enormous table and separate rooms for the different department heads to meet and discuss things privately, as well as multiple conference rooms. Allen Brothers also has over 30 delivery trucks (not counting consignment trucks) which are all equipped with semi-automated fully computerized tracking systems for every single order that they deliver out of their distribution center. I am not familiar with the consignment truck business, but it is something I might want to look into in the future since Allen Brothers has built up such a great reputation because of their consignment program. Basically consigners can stock their own private label products onto Allen Brother's trucks so that they can deliver them to the consigner's customer. After which, Allen Brothers gets to keep a % of the profits (usually 20-25%) depending on how aggressive or passive the consigner would like to be with their consignment business. My experience with consignment products was minimal when I worked for them as an intern, but it seems like there is plenty of room for expansion in that market for those who are knowledgeable and driven enough. Overall, my interview day at Allen Brothers was top notch and very impressive because they showcased their professionalism, friendliness, cleanliness, and cooperation so well during my one day visit outlining what being an employee at such a large company entailed from them: 1) Very well organized environment. 2) Very friendly and cooperative atmosphere. 3) Very strict but stellar work ethic. I was very impressed by the person I interviewed with. In this industry, people work very long hours, deal with a great amount of stress for relatively low pay (compared to other professionals), have to travel around a lot, meet deadlines daily and still need to be every bit as professional as those working in accounting or law firms. It is important that employers treat their employees well and Allen Brothers seemed like a great place to start out one's career considering all of the benefits they provide such as: 1) Free onsite daycare center where children can stay until they are 14 years old while their parents work there (a huge plus for working mothers). 2) Healthy bonus program. (Your team gets the highest bonuses, your individual bonus goes up as well.) 3) The 8% consigner incentive (for those who consign products to be delivered out Allen Brothers truck). Overall I was very impressed with this company and I am happy to know that they were willing to offer me a position at their company because it shows that my work ethic is high enough for them to want me on board. If anyone would like more details about this company's consignment program or internship program please feel free to contact me!Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wells fargo

Wells Fargo bank operates two branches in Alaska. The branches are located in Anchorage and Fairbanks, with each one offering its own services to customers who live in both cities. Wells Fargo operates the Alaska Heritage Museum on Anchorage's waterfront, which includes a large collection of Alaskan Native art, jewelry, baskets and pottery, shell masonry, and history displays about the state's gold rush era. Wells Fargo Bank is also headquarters of Bank of America and offers several financial products, such as savings accounts, high-interest savings accounts, money market accounts, checking accounts, and prepaid debit cards. Wells Fargo Bank offers a variety of services in Alaska. One popular service is the Wells Fargo Mobile Customer Service Center, which can be found in several locations throughout the state. The customer service center offers help when dealing with customers who have problems with their bank accounts, online banking, mobile banking, e-payments, account maintenance, account inquiries/oversights, bill pay, and more. Customers are welcome to sign up for e-help or for account alerts. Wells Fargo Bank has partnered with the Alaska Payment Clearinghouse Association to implement My Account for customers who are past due. Please note that My Account is an automated electronic form that is accessible via Internet banking. If you are past due and have not yet signed up for My Account, please visit the website at the Company's website to register, or call the Wells Fargo Customer Service Center to speak to a representative. Automatic payments may apply if your account is paid within the proper amount of time. For customers who are past due but have not yet entered into an automatic-settlement program, Wells Fargo will offer the Principal Only Payment and Principal and Security payment options. The Principal Only Payment option is available for customers who have a current balance of at least one hundred ninety-five dollars and are in good standing. For customers who are past due but do not qualify for automatic payments, Wells Fargo will offer the Present & Future Savings payment option. This option includes an estimate of the borrower's future savings, interest, and charges, as well as a present value option. Wells Fargo estimates your present savings at three percent above the interest rate on your balance. You will be charged a fee for using the Present Future Savings option. In order to determine your current savings status, please note that interest on your current principal balance will be applied to that balance. An additional fee will be charged if the bank does not find enough cash in your account to cover your payments. For customers who are past due but have an acceptable payment plan in place, please note that additional charges will apply based on your payoff amount and the status of your third-party fees. Please contact the third-party company for more information. If you have not received a notice of intent to re-evaluate your account, you should contact the customer service department immediately. This will ensure that you receive any related correspondence from the bank. When you contact the Wells Fargo Bank customer service department, you will need to provide the following information: personal information, such as name; address; social security number; date of birth; and, a copy of your recent bank statement. If you would like to upload more than one document, you should indicate this at the time of checkout. Please note that Wells Fargo reserves the right to review all documents provided to verify identity and present financial status.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de comerica incorporated

I took out money just now, and the atm broke and took my DEBIT card. I don't live in Jackson. I got a message saying, sorry the atm is being serviced, but then it went back to normal after stealing my card. I was weary about putting my card in an atm that "eats it" and I should have listened to my gut. Now that it gave me the money, and stole my card, I'm without my debit card. Horrible customer service especially Corey. She has zero customer service skills and actually encourages customers to seek out other banks. And don’t bother asking for a supervisor because she’ll put you on hold and state there isn’t one available. I never wanted to close my account and look for a new bank until I had the displeasure of dealing with her. I hope Comerica Bank rethinks her employment with them to save many customers from leaving.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum dark

I’m not just reading whitepaper. I told you - they have launched alpha release and it’s actually works. You can download it from the website and check it yourself. Request for dev consideration in next wallet update. ABI is back from being sick---- we are moving forward with a new dev team ect ect I will also buy ETHD and will keep this altcoin in the next few months because I am sure the price of ETHD will be x2 or x3 in the coming time. I hope in the future development team will put ETHD on the larger exchanges especially BittrexVer reseña completa

Logotipo de qtum

I am waiting for this project to be published and started too! I'm really curious to see what the price will be and how many people will join in. And because the project sounds great, for me not to be late at the party again, I will invest in it before it goes big. I think this campaign will end in February dude, because only 7 weeks. But I guess if ico not ready excluded because they lack their socialization about the Qtum project then this campaign could be extended, but the reward is reduced or with qtum coin like you said. Because I hope so, this project is use a large capital issued just for campaigns . And expect when there ico will be running smoothly and I think will come to invest. Thank youVer reseña completa


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