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Logotipo de matches fashion

Matches Fashion is a luxury online store that sells a lot of high-end designer brands, mainly from New York and London. Their selection isn't huge but it's quite unique with some very interesting lines being offered exclusively through . They also have an impressive collaborations section where they offer their own designs, which are available in limited quantities. In the past they've worked with designers such as Erdem , Matthew Williamson Kate Spade , Paul Smith and many more  so you know whatever you buy will be top quality (and exclusive). All items come wrapped up beautifully too - I was really impressed by how much care goes into every order! If you're looking for something special this holiday season or want to treat yourself to a designer piece without the price tag - I definitely recommend you check out Matches Fashion.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de unclaimed baggage center

There is a ticket system ( like at Goodwill or other thrift stores ) which means that everything has an assigned price and customers have to pay for it before they can leave with their purchases. They do this so they don't have to carry every single item much further since being a very large store . The tickets are located at different areas of the store , depending on what section you're buying from. In the clothing area, tickets are located in a box outside the dressing rooms or hanging from a rack. There's also a booth where you pay if you want something that was displayed in the window. And on some other areas there are ticket dispensers . The prices of the clothes vary from 0,50 cents to 10 dollars . For example a pair of jeans can cost you 1 dollar or a shirt for 5 dollars if it's in good condition , but don't expect anything great because this is not a thrift store and everything is sold at a fixed price. As I said before they also sell new items such as luggage, shoes , jackets/coats, even lingerie ....etc. The tickets here are also fixed prices and can range from 3 to 200 dollars depending on what you're going to buy. There's also an area where if the item has no tag assigned to it you have to go get someone from another Unclaimed Baggage Center is a great place to find all sorts of items, from clothing and luggage to musical instruments. It's an interesting store because it has a lot of vintage WWII memorabilia as well.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wholesale marine

The Wholesale Marine Company was founded by Captain Frank Riggio in 1976. The company is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It offers a wide variety of products for boats including boating accessories, marine electronics, hardware supplies and more. The online store has over one million products available with many free customer support services along with regular discounts on various items throughout the year. I purchased an electric motor windlass from this store because it had great prices compared to other sites I visited at the time. The price difference between this site and other similar stores was around 50%. My model came neatly packed without damages or scratches even though it wasn't brand new but refurbished instead which also allowed me to save some extra money spending only about $1000 whereas the exact same model would cost at least $1600. The ordering process was very simple and smooth. All I had to do was choose my product, select the size then click "add to cart" button. I made my order on a Thursday evening and received an email on Monday with a FedEx tracking number which allowed me to know all about my shipment including arrival date etc.... Overall, it only took 2 days for my new windlass to arrive exactly as planned. The shopping experience on this site is very pleasant because even if you are not familiar with boating products, online help is always available through various methods including live chat or phone call that can be used whenever needed at no extra cost - no matter what time or day of the week it might be. I was surprised to receive my new windlass in just 2 days given that there is no overnight shipping offered here - unlike what I usually see when checking prices on most other sites (which actually cost extra and often aren't free like here.) Shipping rates are very cheap for this company with orders over $99 shipped free within 48 states using UPS ground, even if they weight a lot. Otherwise, the standard price is around $25 which still isn't bad at all considering that many companies charge extra especially when such products weigh more than 100 pounds or come packed in large boxes similar to the one my model came in.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pets domain

As I was looking for a dog water fountain, the Pets Domain website caught my attention. Their layout is clean and user-friendly, it took me no more than 5 minutes to find out all the information about the products they sell. First of all, you enter in a category page which lets you choose between many different kinds of pet supplies: Cat Food, Dog Food, Pet Beds, Training & Care… Each category has a plenty of subcategories that will lead you to a specific product quickly. Then when in a product page , there are several links toward other similar items from the same brand or from different brands if necessary. If you want to have more information about shipping costs or any special linked to your order for example, you can click on the "informations" link located in the upper right corner of each page. I had a quick look at their special offers and I discovered that they often give away free dog bowls or cat food bowls if you buy above $39.99. The delivery is also free for orders over $49.95 as long as you live in USA, Canada or Puerto Rico. It doesn't matter whether it's a mineral stone, slow feeder bowl or drinking fountain, this website seems to have everything we could ask for our beloved pets… And even much more! If your order is over $49.95 and weighs below 2 pounds , Pets Domain will send it to you with USPS First Class which includes tracking information and is delivered in 2 to 4 business days. However, if you need it quicker than that, they can also offer USPS Priority service which is guaranteed in 1 to 3 business days and includes a tracking number too. I must say that this e-commerce site offers several payment options: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and American Express for example… And there's also the possibility of returning the product within 15 days after receiving it! The website for Pets Domain is easy to navigate and offers a wide range of products. They have free shipping on orders over $49.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kensington furniture

There are a number of furniture stores in the city I live, so whenever I have a need to purchase new items for my house – chairs, tables or cabinets – I visit all of them and compare prices offered there. This comparison shopping always helps me to find an item that perfectly suits my budget. As you might have guessed, this last shopping excursion led me to one of the shops on Kensington Road . The store itself is pretty standard – just like all other furniture warehouses. However, what really makes it stand out from the crowd is its amazing offer: They sell their products at very attractive prices - much lower than those quoted by their competitors; You can buy anything with 0% interest; There no minimum order value; They give away free quotations; You may pay in installments; The store manager himself gave me this information and even told me the secret of such a successful price policy: As one can see, Kensington Furniture is not like other furniture stores. It doesn't care about fancy windows or interior design. It focuses on what customers want and need – affordable prices and good service. And it seems to be working so far: I did my homework and checked how many customers were satisfied with their services and products and I was surprised by the results: Out of 2142 customer reviews that were left on Google, Facebook or Yelp within last year, 1875 customers provided positive feedback (over 86%!); Many satisfied customers admitted that they've been visiting the store for many years already; So, if you are looking for a place to purchase new furniture without spending too much money, I highly recommend Kensington Furniture Store. The Kensington Furniture store is the place to go for any furniture needs. It's clear that they are focused on customer satisfaction, so if you want affordable prices and good service this is the right store for you! With all of their amazing offerings, I highly recommend checking them out today - especially since it only takes a few minutes online or over the phone to find everything your looking for. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de apg cash drawer

I like this place because of their incredibly friendly staff. They watched my back when I was looking for a cash drawer to buy, and they're always there after the purchase offering excellent support. What makes them different? This is what you'll get: 1) Trustworthy employees who are nice enough to explain everything step by step 2) Support forever, which means they won't quit until you get your order perfect 3) Very affordable price I got it for $80 at first but then realized that this was not the one I needed so I had to return it and pay $200 instead! 4) Fast delivery - ordered on Friday night and got it Monday morning 5) Good quality 6) Responsive customer service So yeah, good luck finding something better than this! The purchase was quick and easy. I'm happy with the price for this cash drawer, but there were some issues one of these days when it appeared that someone tried to pry open my drawer. However, I contacted customer service and they promised to send out a new one immediately, while making me send in their defective model ASAP. After receiving my new drawer, all problems went away. Today I'm going to order two more cash drawers from them for my other locations because they're a great American company that deserves your attention. I've had a Rothco cash drawer for over a year now and these guys are selling exactly what you need - quality equipment at affordable prices! Also, the staff is super friendly and skilled in what they're doing - whenever I got confused about parts or installation, they immediately found a way to explain everything. The cash drawer itself is working well according to my needs, however installing it was another story because their documentation required all sorts of confusing steps which I just couldn't understand. Fortunately, when I contacted customer service for help, one of the agents offered to take me through everything personally - she even stayed on Skype with me while we went through ALL the necessary procedures! It took us over an hour but in the end we got the drawer installed and all my problems were gone :) If you're looking for a cash drawer, Rothco is the place to go. They offer quality equipment at affordable prices and their customer service is excellent - they'll walk you through anything that confuses you until it all makes sense. I'm sure we can help with your needs if you need assistance finding what's right for your business or store! Let us know and we'll be happy to get started on creating an SEO plan customized just for your company or retail location. If money isn't something that worries you, then APG Cash Drawer may also have everything in stock, but make sure to read reviews before making any purchases from them because not everyone has had such good experiences there (we recommend avoiding this site).Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de xmax

Almost 30k followers are not bad. Good that he talks about the project on his channel. And i will watch some other of his reviews I heard the IOS application is already on the app store that is the beta version, i wonder when we android users will see the Android application. I'm assuming once a few games get released, people will hear of it being made in XMAX and will try their hands in itVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bitwhite

The price of the coin will change as soon as news appears! and if the solution is demonstrated, then change it even more! I am very bullish about Bitcoin White and yeah Bitcoin price affects most other alt coins if not all. Yes it could surge, but before team should stop these kind of nonsense acts and fraud. I believe this project has a lot of potentials but the team simply crap on it. This coin daily volume is. very nice in small exchnges if it hits some bigger exchange then price may go 500-800x from here.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de 1world

I think to participate until the tokens are not more expensive. Thanks to the developers for the bonuses. Looks like a safe and reliable ICO compared to all the rest since they have quite a few real world applications and are already established. I like the concept of tokenized economy as well, I think this will be a successful project. Seems like a great project! Expansive and experienced team with a working product (because for some reason, thats a rare thing nowadays) and they have actually been around for a while, outside of the cryptosphere. really nice partnerships too. with all the bull floating around at the moment, this is one of the few things with teethVer reseña completa

Logotipo de nucleus vision

They already get large amount of population to their project. Now they need to join the conference occurring in india. This will give more investor to them Yes but you know when a child know his parents going to give him a chocolate he is eager to reach shop same feeling here But doesn't know when we reach at shop. I am a long time player not to much worry with those green and red candle baar. Yeah i completely agreed with you. Nowdays RBI wants to ban cryptocurrency in india but i think this conference will helps to not ban cryptocurrency in our country. This is really very good idea by Congress and it will helps to all poeple and also give them profits.Ver reseña completa


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