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Overall great project. I am eagerly waiting for every release they make.Ver reseña completa

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This is one of my favorite project, has potential to reach the moon.Ver reseña completa

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KuCoin Shares

In all its a good exchange. Has great potential, if it makes improvement regularly it could reach new highs soon. Ver reseña completa

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I havent got time to really research about it. My initial impressions are positive. But they really need to work few kinks out to make it work. For instance, right now nothing is preventing to make multiple accounts. I cannot update my review if my opinion about a product changes. Giving limit on reviews could force people to write, even for products they might not even know. There is no way to verify if the reviewer is genuine or not. Ver reseña completa

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Its a great concept. Once they overcome the hurdles, it has high chances of success.Ver reseña completa

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