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BDC consulting has been successfully Public relations, and consumer needs and feedback powered Advising firm in the Blockchain industry. They have a team with a combined nearly century and a half of experience and education. These people know how to grow a company and handle the public relations in the process. The need for consumer feedback based information is a powerful tool in the growth of any company especially in their junior years or early development. With a team like BDC consulting you can't go wrong.Ver reseña completa

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Cardano is poised to surpass the potential of even Bitcoin and Ethereum, with the low cost of purchase, transaction, and transfer of ADA Cardano has been created to have a living financial ecosystem of high yield staking, and creation of smart contracts and DApps that are running 24/7 and 365 days a year, creating a more stable price market for the ADA token than it's predecessors. In full it will create a market with a more steady climb without such drastic spikes and dips as the ecosystem grows. So far Cardano has lived up to every bit of hype about them and with their brilliant team I don't see anything but positive progress in the future.Ver reseña completa

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Orient project looks like it has potential. When the network finally launches I'm sure if it's fully functional it will be successful. Fist off being on the Ethereum blockchain and being created by Vitalik Buterin alone lends it great potential. The ability to stake, farm, and develope smart contracts, and DApps in one place is great. If it's low cost and on a dependably stable network remains to be seen but only the launch will tell. My suggestion buy a few of the Tokens while they are still cheap. Once this network launches the token price will go up exponentially then as it gains popularity and more demant that will keep the token price climbing, the nature of the network being based on staking for large yields will encourage more people to stake in, that in turn will raise the stable price floor. I can't wait to see this one launch and hope it succeeds. Buy Oft tokens now before you can't afford to.Ver reseña completa

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A Great platform for newly starting investors or the most seasoned. This platform has recently made some major overhauls and had some great new updates in the last week, alot of the past issues have been fixed by a great team. The transfers between Crypto dot com and Crypto DeFi have been smooth and I haven't had a problem yet. I was able to stake in the Native CRO without any problem and nearly no cost, it's literal fractional pennies, unlike with BTC ant ETH. I've had trouble trying to stake in on other platforms that claim to be simple ... This one truly is, and the benefits are unreal. If you want to make money with your crypto while you store it this is the app for you. Just be aware that on all platforms different coins have different fees, just like this one. If you are going to try exchanging or buying new coins always look at the fees associated with that coin. Do your research, and have fun investing.Ver reseña completa

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I believe everybody has the right to be whomever they want, and I believe it is great that there is a community for those who only want to be amongst their peers. Depression and suicide are killing is many people unnecessarily, and just having a place to vent is sometimes the difference between living and a permanently bad decision. This community will offer that and if it is able to give just one person that safe place then I believe they have done something of importance. All people have a right to express, and be themselves and this community appears to be one place where that can be done.Ver reseña completa

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This coin has become the crowned prince of crypto, with it's perfect storm of already being popular, and celebrity endorsements, mixed with a brilliant team of developers you have the perfect coin. The only downside is a lack of faith due to its age, that will come to pass. This blockchain accidentally became something beautiful, it started out as fun only. But it got serious when it got popular and people made alot of money. Stemming from that it's recent celebrity endorsemen from Elon Musk and his contribution to the future development has set Doge apart from it's counterparts. When you couple all of those facts with it being Exponentially cheaper to purchase, spend, and transfer it's the Golden boy of Crypto coins. I can not lie my kids college funds ARE in crypto coins a considerable portion of which is Doge.Ver reseña completa

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I think this option is going to give coinbase alot more customers. This card gives people peace of mind with such easy access to the money in their Coinbase account. I would give them 5 stars but the fees for smaller traders turn some to other platforms, they aren't high fees by all means but they could be lower in my opinion. They are a very trusted platform, with alot of safety an I do still have an account with them. It is not my primary account because of the fees but I'll keep it forever because Coinbase offers access to coins I can't get on other platforms. Ver reseña completa

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I was born .. a few good things happened a few bad things happened. I woke up this morning and realized how insane the central banking system is ... "You want to profit how much from my money, and charge me how much a month in fees ??" Yeah I woke up .. Now im here.

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