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When you reach for the stars...getting halfway is still pretty darn impressive. In the cluttered and messy transitional blockchain world...Nexus stands as an altruistic beacon of aspiration and impressive ideological objectives. This is one to root for...Ver reseña completa

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SALT is the first and best in crypto collateralized lending...for now. Hopefully the strong leadership team can overcome US regulatory friction and marketplace hurdles in time, and efficiently enough to stay out in front and offer the best loans at the best rates for the long run.Ver reseña completa

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With a powerhouse tech and leadership team...look for WAX to be a segment leader, and with its strong financial backing, to be able to maintain the speed of technological advancement needed to stay out in front.Ver reseña completa

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This project got off to a strong start and hasn't missed a beat. The developers are keeping their heads down irrespective of market fluctuations. And the community is all-in. Looks for DRGN to be around for the long haul and to find it's niche as the space grows.Ver reseña completa

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