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About SALT

SALT is streamlines every step of the loan. Borrowers are automatically matched with capital from our extensive network of lenders. SALT keeps collateral assets safe in a fully-audited, ultra-secure architecture during the life of the loan so members can borrow with confidence.

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SALT: Cryptocurrency-backed financing

SALT is an organization based in Denver, United States. Its digital currency is of the same name and was first exposed to the market in September 2017, with a maximum issue limit of 120 million SALTs. The mission of this company is to grant...See full review

My thoughts and review about SALT project.

With the current idea of collateralized lending and borrowing, you have SAL. SALT is the first virtual currency that allow individuals seeking financing to interact with lenders without having to sell the asset. This makes it easier for investors...See full review

SALT is the digital money exchange that you all have been waiting for.

A review on this platform;Not at all like a conventional advance that assumes your praise score into account, a SALT advance is a resource moved advance in which your cryptoassets go about as guarantee for your credit extension. When you repay your...See full review

SALT: new guarantee model to obtain financing

Currently, the modalities to obtain financing have diversified, thanks to the emergence of non-custodial finance platforms offered by blockchain technology. This is because people and companies can not only turn to traditional financial...See full review

There are better reasons to get used to SALT

SALT, which was made in 2016 and can make it doable for customers to use their assets or crypto resources as assurance. Even more unequivocally, Salt is a prepaid affiliation, where you can use your modernized monetary designs as an approach to...See full review

There is a better desire to get used to this business called SALT

The project, called SALT, is undergoing Ethereum development, which will allow it to reach an agreement, given a mandatory demonstration of its development. Through these contracts, the attention created by suppliers and borrowers forms their own...See full review

SALT Framework for Comprehensive Compensation

SALT is a crypto loaning stage, for an intrigued client to be qualified for any advance it's needed to have crypto resource as insurance which can be utilized to get as fruitful bury exchange among the two gatherings.  Base on clients audits...See full review

Digital currency upheld financing

SALT is an association situated in Denver, United States. Its advanced cash is of a similar name and was first presented to the market in September 2017, with a greatest issue breaking point of 120 million SALTs. The mission of this organization...See full review

There's a whole lot of better reasons why you should get accustomed with SALT

SALT is an advanced digital bank where investors from different denominations can walk into and obtain money either to finance their own business or obtain shares from multi National Business Association.Admist the covid '19 lockdown which crashed...See full review

About Salt

SALT is among the cryptocurrencies. It can be used for different operations. However, the main task of this system emerges as a lending system. In doing so, it acts through the structure called block chain. People who want to find a cash loan can...See full review


SALT is a crypto lending platform, for an interested user to be eligible for any loan it's required to have crypto asset as collateral which can be used to secure as successful inter transaction among the two parties. Base on users reviews and...See full review