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Věra F.

Věra Filipová

8 nivel
48 reseñas
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Věra F.

Věra Filipová

8 nivel
48 reseñas
6 karma
I am an explorer in the crypto space.
Administrative worker
Se unió a Mon Feb 15 2021 22:01:39 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de gemini

I am always looking for new exchanges that will have some upside and then I am willing to switch or at least make some trading there. The Gemini exchange has two most important things for non US person and they are: free EUR SEPA deposit and withdrawals and free crypto withdrawals (which is especially important for ETH). On the other hand the trading fees are quite high and there a not as many trading pairs as on the other exchanges. The exchange itself is easy to use, has standard free BTC refferal program, mobile app, enhanced security and enough liquidity to process orders. For non US it is impossible to use earn feature but with free withdrawals you can move your coins somewhere else. I would like to see more features in the future (above acquired NFT market) such as derivatives and so on. Overall my experience is positive especially thanks to the free withdrawals. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de experty

Be rewarded for your opinions and expertise. I like how the blockchain is spreading in more and more type of businesses. I have tried Experty platform to share my opinions and expertise to get rewarded for it. It is two sided as you learn new insights and also share your own. There is simple interface and it is easy and user friendly. You will receive an email/SMS each time someone is going to ask you for your opinion on any topic you are feeling to get some value to the discussion. The native token, with it you are rewarded, has a lot of potential and is surging in value. There should be only more users and topics. Overall it is worth to try and earn few of these tokens. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de instars

This is one of the platform I have joined from beginning as I like the use case of getting paid for your data, esp. in marketing. From the simple questionnaire it evolved to the receipt data mining platform. You are paid for sharing your shopping experience in their native token or in US you can earn DAI. It is cool as it utilizes their very own main net. You can use app (only for Google).for your convenience. I have accumulated decent amount of tokens and reffered to lot of friends (they have also refferal program) which join me in accumulating. Their token is traded at exchanges so there is a liquidity and opportunity to exchange it. Their token can be staked to get even more. It is easy to use, rewarding and overall I can recommended to try. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de gods unchained

I have started exploring blockchain games long time before play to earn hype. As a huge fan and active player of MTG and Hearthstone similar card games the Gods Unchained was obvious choice for me. The game play is simple but universal as it is always with these type of games. There the upside to play and earn some ETH on the marketplace for trading cards. There was also great refferal program and partnership with Coinbase for free ETH (that was really great promotion). The art of card is also important which is just fine with Gods Unchained. The game mechanics work perfectly and there is lot of strategy inside. By winning games you will earn in game currency - star tokens. I like when the there is no need to have the cards with highest rarity in order to win. With Gods Unchained you are able to win with common card quite easily so it is not frustrating to play with players with lot of epic cards. In my opinion there is not so many players actively playing still you will find your opponent easily but the game should be better recognized and it will attract more capital in it and sustain their play to earn model. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de guarda wallet

Guarda Wallet was one of my first non custodial wallets I have started using. It is simple and easy to use. It is secured by backup which you have to store somewhere safe in order to restore your account with wallets. You have obviously access to private keys, mnemonic passphrase etc. in wallet management. I like the option to use phone app and web app (also desktop and as an extension). On the other side there are some features (such as staking or earning) only on web app. There are lot of coins and tokens supported. It has also exchange implemented (quite common in the wallet now). You can also buy crypto directly using your credit/Debit card. There is also wallet connect to use it with DeFi. They have their own refferal program and some promotions which can give you some free crypto. Overall it is great software wallet with all the features you will need. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ascendex ( bitmax )

I like the native tokens so the AscendEX (rebranded from BitMax) exchange was a no thinking choice to try. I like that you can stake their token to earn other crypto. It is quite unique feature. There is more. The use cases of the native token are: lowering fees and other discounts, VIP status, auctions. There are lot of other features of the exchange itself, you can expect such as derivative market, margin, investment account etc. They have a regular stream of promotions and bonuses. I have managed to get some free crypto regularly. It has reasonable fees, good liquidity and enough trading pairs. There could be more users using it. There are some crypto listed that you can find only there. I would give the exchange a try and I would invest in their native token which will surge in the bull market. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de mycointainer

I have started using MyCointainer as there are lot of promotions which attracts you to try the platform. If you sign up for their newsletter, there is a chance that there will be new promotion. The platform itself is very easy to navigate in and to start depositing crypto in order to generate yield from your staked coins. You can choose between a lot of coins with different interest rates. It has clean design, it is simple to use. The interest is high. On the other hand there are fees associated with the staking. You have to count with them to understand the netto yield. The best way is to use all the possibilities to earn some crypto for free. There are some other specific feature which will help you generate yield faster. You can also buy your crypto straight in the platform. Use the generated money to try even more projects. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de p2pb2b

This is the worst experience with any exchange I have had and I can tell that I have tried a lot of them. It is really ugly design, confusing menu in which you will be lost after a while. Slow response of the pages, no cell app. There is a standard behavior of the exchange that you will lose sometimes your crypto or they will confiscate some of your holdings. It is the opposite what you want if you are entering crypto space. Their customer center usually ignores your requests or is not willing to help. There is a lot of trading pairs without liquidity, the exchange regularly stops trading of some trading pairs. I will add that they have a lot of crypto under the maintenance for such a long time. They are located in offshore to avoid regulation. Overall try to avoid this exchange and look somewhere else. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de smart valor

I have tried Smart Valor as there was some guarantee of quality as it is swiss exchange. I am recommending to try the exchange as it is simple to use and has great design but it has no cell app yet so it is quite inconvenient. It is one of the most secured exchanges, never hacked, certified with licenses and regulated appropriately. There is also VALOR Prime marketplace for trading NFT which are more and more popular. There is an option to trade some unique NFT embedded to this exchange. Moreover they have their own native token which can be used for reducing fees, staking feature (you can stake their native token and others). Their native token is listed at other exchanges what gives it value. Overall great exchange in Europe where are not so many exchanges at all. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitpanda ecosystem token

This is one of the best combination I really like if I am looking for new exchange to try. I have been using the Bitpanda for a long time and can sincerely tell that Bitpanda has it all. It is CE exchange with their native token on which you can alongside lowering fees also earn yield. There is also new option to trade shares (and some commodities) so it is full stack broker. They have low trade minimum (only 1 EUR), low fees, reasonable liquidity and enough amount of users. There are enough trading pairs but I can imagine that they will continuously add more. They have some great features that will earn you higher profit for such a little - such as their Bitpada academy, refferal (so much for such as easy conditions) or affiliate program. Overall it is easy to have Bitpanda as primary exchange and use it daily. I am only missing some derivatives features. Ver reseña completa

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