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Cryptomus is a cryptocurrency payment service for business and personal use. Also use it as a wallet and store your funds safely. Do you want to accept payments in cryptocurrency? You'll be able to do the integration via API, CMS plugins or just send invoices to your business’ clients payment by link. Features: • Fast crypto payments • Auto-withdrawal • Mass payouts • White label and Host2host • Total anonymity • User-friendly interface • Security • Easy integration • We work with almost all popular currencies • Customer support service 24/7 • СMS plugins are available • Staking - minimum period...
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A payment service with low fees

Stumbled across an article about the service here. Wrote, integrated and working - all in one day. Support is quick to respond to any questions and fees are ridiculous. I was offered 4% for processing cryptocurrencies by one clever payment service, if you take into account the turnover, that's a lot. The service is changing from the inside almost every day, you can see that work is being done.

Pros & cons

  • integration API, low fees, staking
  • little choice of currency, no app

Stability and reliability of service

We connected the service as an additional opportunity to accept payments from buyers for our e-commerce project - we are very satisfied with the result. According to employees' feedback - integration is not time consuming and labour intensive, all processes are automated and work steadily. Support resolves incoming issues in the shortest time possible and gives all necessary recommendations to prevent problems in the future. The best service!

Pros & cons

  • help with API integration, easy to use
  • no

Future good competitor for well-known crypto payment gateways

I’ve tested Cryptomus and am ready to state that the set of tools available is not perfect yet but the way they are developing seems at least promising. I’ll continue looking forward to their updates. In my opinion, what is missing is a mobile app as I personally find it more handy working from my smartphone.

Pros & cons

  • fast auto-convert, outgoing support
  • no

excellent service, without kyc

When deploying courses, you always wonder how to accept payment this time? It is necessary to take into account geography, target audience and dozens of other factors that incline to the choice of a particular payment system. This time we have launched a course in which we talk in detail about how cryptocurrencies work, how they can be used and what benefits they bring. As a payment system, we decided to resort to cryptomus and the neighboring fiat system. There are quite a lot of such services, so we didn't think for a long time and chose for ourselves the simplest that we could find in search queries. After the introductory lesson, we offered students to pay for the course in USDT through the payment form using this service, and everything went very easy and simple for everyone, and most importantly — convenient. I can speak for dozens of satisfied customers, so I boldly recommend this service for use.

Pros & cons

  • anonymity, kyc, convert system
  • no