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Review on ABCC by Moises G.

I am absolutely irate that ABCC keeps changing the rewards scheme as time goes…

I am absolutely irate that ABCC keeps changing the rewards scheme as time goes on making it increasingly impossible for me to recover losses that i incurred by trying your TOM mechanism and your Hodl Mechanism! I have lost quite a bit because i was trying to see how it all worked and come up with a strategy but now it seems when i do come up with working strategy you just Change everything by introducing new rewards scheme as you go along and say it is for us but every time you do so without investors input it is very inappropriate and requires all to change there entire strategy. I spent a lot on this site to learn a strategy and now it is all out the window and now i don't even know if i can recover my money anymore!!! this is absolutely unacceptable I invested a lot of money working on winning strategy but you just Keep changing the rewards scheme without any input whatsoever from investors!!! this looks like a scam more and more each day! so how do you expect me to earn my money back when now my entire trading strategy that i spent my money on is now unworkable!!! the dynamic nature of rewards scheme has just killed this project and is being done disguised as upgrades to rewards but they are only upgrades to ABCC they will earn much more at the expense of their early adopters who once believed in this project!!

Pros & cons

  • The concept ABCC hs with the trade to mine mechanism is really innovative and great. The traded volume has been high thanks to this mechanism and it provides very high liquidity for the trading. Also based on the fixed supply and half-life periods, I see the AT token as very good investment opportunity, much better as ICOs as it is based on solid and running exchange platform and is generating income.
  • To make your account secure and safe from unauthorized access, you should always make sure that you choose a secure password. Moreover, every time you access the exchange, make sure that the link is official, there have been cases where users are baited into phishing scams. Turning on two-factor authentication is also a good move.