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Review on Beldex by Ibraheem Asmau

Backed by Shari'ah Islamic laws, Beldex might as well be a leading cryptocurrency exchange very soon...

This title above might be surprising isn't it? Yes it is. Beldex exchange is a uniquely different exchange, and what makes it unique? The fact that it operations are based on Islamic injunctions. When I first came across this exchange, I was so bent on trying it out. Immediately, I proceeded to registration, I was asked of my email and password with an optional referral code, after accepting the various terms and conditions and verifying my email I was able to register successfully. To prove to users that they were security oriented, a warning that reads"We strongly recommend you to enable 2FA on your account!" Keeps popping up every time. The dashboard was just designed basically in just black and white, no attractive contrast! From the dashboard I could see that they charged users using a flat fee model where makers and takers where charged a fee of 0.2%, quite interesting! Though I didn't know if there were benefit for referring friends, I had to just skip it till I was sure of the possible rewards. The KYC verification was quite easy although they asked of a PAN number which I've never had of before, within minutes I was already verified and ready to trade on this exchange. Listing of individual project is possible on this exchange though I have not tried it out before. This exchange trades quire a number of trading pairs against BTC and USDT, among the cryptocurrencies traded here include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, XMR, BDX. They can be reached through various social media handles like Telegram and Twitter. Since the exchange is based on strict Islamic laws, their transactions are very transparent, this exchange doesn't deal with anything related to interest since Islamic laws are against interest. Interestingly this exchange has its own token, Beldex coin which was created as a fork of Monero. Beldex exchange is a platform that should be patronised due to their transparency and reliability. As for the listing of users projects, this will be my next updated review about this exchange.

Pros & cons

  • Registration was easy and fast
  • This exchange is security conscious
  • Interest isn't allowed on this exchange, because it might not favour some users
  • Transactions here is very transparent and trustworthy
  • They have their own token,Beldex coin based on Monero
  • I haven't encountered anything negative,just that the design of the page is just too basic
Aman Arora
February 07, 2021
Beldex is reliable as I have been using beldex since they launch airdrop campaign. I struggle at the start with deposit and fees but they have start looking attractive and make things more easy with token launch and other features.