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Review on Bibox by Joseph Okedeji

My Perspective On Bitbox Exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are more than enough in the global market and new exchanges are still coming in. So for traders and merchants, there are wide range of exchanges to choose from when planning to execute any trading activity and most of the time we go for the popular ones and those that have more than enough experience in the market rather than new ones. But the thing is, before these new exchanges are developed, the developers consider the flaws of the ones already in existence and try to improve on those flaws to develop a much better exchange. So in a way, some newly developed exchanges are better than some old exchanges.

Bitbox exchange is one of those newly developed exchanges I'm talking about. This platform was developed in 2017 and as at the time of this review it's still three years since it started operation making it a new exchange when compared to ones that have been in operation far back than that.

Bitbox exchange provides a variety of cryptocurrency pairs to trade with like most exchanges, this gives users more options to choose from when trying to trade. Added to this, the platform uses mordern, advanced algorithms to help in the completion of transactions thereby making operations more easier, faster and efficient. This advanced technology also help increase potential returns on investments with its high efficiency.

This exchange is accessible to users on both mobile devices like iOS and android but it's not popular. The amount of usage is pretty much low, majorly because of low promotions and the fact that it is new and still developing, plus the competition in the global market is very intense.

The language on the platform is only Chinese even though this is because it is a Chinese exchange, it is a disadvantage to users who do not understand Chinese, because I myself couldn't understand anything when I visited the platform as I don't understand Chinese. So my advice to the developers is to try and solve the language barrier issue by making other options of general languages available on the platform.

Pros & cons

  • There are more than enough digital currencies and trading pairs listed on the exchange.
  • It makes use of advanced Artificial Intelligence to increase efficiency and improve transactions.
  • Chinese is the only language on the platform. There pushing users who do not understand Chinese to steer clear of the exchange.