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Review on Bit.com by Mercy Godwin

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Bit.com seems to have a good rating but I think it is kind of failing gradually.

In trading cryptocurrencies, there are very many things one has to take note of, if not, it might end up resulting to some kind of bad stuffs like losing your entire assets, that is why it is recommended that you should try and endeavor to only put into risk of trading, the amount you can afford to lose because many people which includes myself have really fell for this mistakes and I have learned from those mistakes great lessons and I have sweared never to go against these rules ever again and also, I have pledged to enlighten other cryptocurrency traders whether an expert or a newbie on things and ideas I have in other to build a good crypto community for the betterment of achieving a financially free community in Blockchain technology.

Talking about this exchange, Bit.com, it seems to be a very nice exchange to trade your digital assets but on the contrary, I have also figured out some cons of this exchange, that is, I have gotten some information about its services and functions which might be of threat to the users who trade on this Exchange. Never the less, you should have in mind that I am not a financial adviser therefore, anything that would be state on this my review should not be taken with all seriousness but even at that I would try to the best I can to give you legit informations because I have gathered them from my researches about it and they are all from the right and legitimate source, so I urge you to pay close attention to what I will have to say through this medium.

Talking about this cryptocurrency Exchange, Bit.com, it is a centralized cryptocurrency Exchange platform which was established nearly few months ago as of the date I wrote this review of mine, this implies that, Bit.com is still a very new cryptocurrency Exchange. It was established last year, in the year 2020 in Seychelles and from the information I got about this exchange, it performing nicely for its customers, that is, for its users but it does not actually seem to be a reliable exchange to me based on the information I got its functions. As it claims to be, Bit.com is a centralized derivative Exchange with a very nice platform interface. This Exchange has a moderately nice liquidity and supports leverage trading and actually rewards its users on some activities on its platform of which they might have participated on. Like the referral aspect, it rewards users who invites friends and family into trading on its platform and from the information I got, it is considered to be a very fast exchange to trade on but I do not advise anyone to trade on this Exchange because for a while now, there have not been any trace of the trading activities on its market and since I do not really trade here, I do not know if there have been any malfunction in its platform but the conclusion I will be drawing is that you stay away from this Exchange for a now.

  • It has a good reputation.
  • It supports leverage trading.
  • It is a rewarding Exchange.
  • There have been no information about its trading activities for a while now.
  • I think it might go off soon.