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Review on BSCswap by Jeff Ayuba

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Lack of liquidity and a bad UI makes BSCswap a bad choice for a DEX

BSCswap can be said to be the very first decentralized exchange protocol to ever be launched on the Binance Smart Chain during its novel launch in the fall of 2020. Despite a track record of given the first name of an exchange on the BSC, this exchange still suffers a lot from the lack of liquidity and ease of usage on the platform available liquidity. My grievances against the DEX is mostly with it's UI or user interface. The UI of the BSCswap is one of the worst I could ever come across even though it tried to gamify the whole process by using nifties as guide to the exchange, it carries much of an odd display to use.
With liquidity being an issue here and ease of use being restricted, one can never appreciate the works of the developers for the creation of this DEX. Other better options and forks of other DEX protocols exist that actually works better, nicer UI and greater liquidity and I would rather go for them

  • The very first decentralised exchange protocol on the Binance Chain
  • There is very insufficient liquidity on the exchange to trade with
  • It's very low in popularity even though it clinched the name of the first DEX protocol on BSC
  • The user interface is quite hard to understand. The process of adding liquidity and trading are hard to find

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