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Review on CreekEx by Hasan Abbasli

My review about CreekEx

Hello to everyone. I will be writing to you today about CreekEx. CreekEx is one of the exchanges not trusted by customers. The fact that it has now ceased to operate shows how bad the exchange is doing. I was able to find some statistics for the times it was active. According to these statistics, the exchange did not have many customers, and most of the customers were not satisfied with the withdrawal limits and fees in the exchange.

In addition, there could be some delays in transactions in the exchange. I couldn't find any customer feedbacks, so I don't know if any customer's assets remained in this exchange when the exchange was closed. I could not find any information about security either. The exchange is no longer operational, and there is not enough information about it in any of the sources. So that's all I have to write for now, thank you for reading my review. 

Pros & cons

  • No good side
  • Ceased operation long ago
  • Impossible to post any information about this exchange on any source
  • I cannot provide information about customer satisfaction and some other things as I cannot find customer feedback