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Review on Crypto.com Exchange by Aman Arora

Exchange has the best atmosphere and features to new and existing users

Exchange is a korean based exchange and has been in demand since its launched due to various promotions and features. While you are new to crypto Exchange and want to earn passive income for storing your coins then Exchange ofder deposit bonus and soft staking and has been providing all the features with one account and that is why Ezchange is best place for you trading as well as staking.

Wide Variety of Coins to trade with 2% bonus for your deposit for first 30 days after signing up. Seamless trading without paying fees for first 90 days and 50% fees reduction for existing users. Users need to check out though before opting pairs to trade as low volume pairs usually have high spreads which can experince users to suffer paying more than regular exchange price.

Easy to register and through signup page and Mobile OTP verification. Limit of $5k without kyc and seamless deposits and withdrawls after kyc completions. One if the stand out feature for me is CRO staking for high returns. CRO which is exchange Native coin and users earn extra returns for staking CRO coins with 10% APR. Staking is good option when you require liquidation for pairs and users get paid out of fees and crypto native coin has potential to offer good value for your staking.

Synicative fundraising facilities allow promising project to list their coins at a discount and first priority is given CRO stakers who get special price and discount to buy. Cro stakers can also choose CRO coin to pay for fees and get rebates for the fees paid in CRO.

To get benefits to get rebates in fees paid in CRO you need to stake atleast 10k CRO coins and get 20% rebates on fees paid and 20% APR which is paid daily. Locking period for CRO stakers is 180 days.

Exchange does offer buying of cryptos and fiat through Credit Card but that feature is only allowed through Crypto Mobile App which is available for both Android and Apple store.

Exchange has very good supportive staff and online chat support with Exclusive chart integration from Tradingview and lot of attractive features like affiliate Rewards and soft staking for holding coins at ezchange which has been eye catching and performing and Im already enjoying services without any interruption for over a year.

Pros & cons

  • Deposit Bonus and staking are the stand out feature to use the exchange
  • Benefit of soft staking and participation and liquidation pool of CRO to earn higher Staking Rewards
  • Buying of crypto and fiat through Credit Card through mobile app
  • Special fees rebates for CRO stakers and additional benefits and features for CRO holders
  • Exchange has been in the news for suspending withdrawls and other facilties.