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Review on EZ Exchange by Killer Bean

EZ exchange is gradually coming up.........

Exchanges basically involve the trading, exchanging, and might even include swapping of coins for the other. There are alot of exchanges which are generally classified into centralized and decentralized exchanges. Centralized exchanSges generally are of less advantages than a decentralized exchanges. One of such advantages of decentralized exchanges over centralized exchanges is the fact that users get to be in control of their funds. One of such decentralized exchanges include EZ EXCHANGE. EZ exchange is a crypto trading platform and even a crypto-betting platform. This exchange was built on an extensive and secure block chain technology. I only got to use this exchange for a while(about three weeks). Signing up was quite easy, just my email, username and a strong password were the only things I was enquired of while I was signing up to EZ exchange. After agreeing to the terms and conditions and verifying my email, I was able to create my own account. Trading was the next thing, the information provided on the dashboard containing the daily trading volume chart. They traded in a limited number of coins like, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and even EZ365. EZ exchange also requires KYC verification which included Passport or Driver's License. I uploaded my National ID which contained my passport, within an hour or two I was already verified and ready to use this exchange fully. This exchange doesn't only allow for trading of cryptocurrencies but even allows you to bet with them, I wasn't all that good at betting, so I didn't even give the betting a try. But when I enquired from an expert in EZ exchange, he told me of the possible profits I could get fro just betting with my cryptocurrencies in the section called EZ365. Usually most exchanges are focused on either one of security, fast transaction, efficient customer support and number of coins, but EZ offered all these features. The only part that I didn't really enjoy was the speed of transaction, transactions that I carried out on EZ exchange weren't as fast as those I carried out on other exchanges like Probit or even binance. The help offered by the support group is very encouraging and I'll like to give the team a big Kudos!

Pros & cons

  • The exchange is built on an extensive blockchain network
  • The user interface is very appealing
  • Moderate fees are charged on this exchange
  • The KYC Verification is very fast
  • A crypto betting platform is available for users to earn passively
  • Transaction speed is very slow
Ibrahim Sunday
January 05, 2021
I'm just loving your energy in writing, you are so talented, I am just a broke boy and now you make me want to use EZ wallet. Please WhatsApp me @ 08144482738, I want to collaborate more with you.