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Review on Coinbase Pro by Joseph Bello

The Coinbase Pro Exchange Platform Exhibits Multiple Security Features In Addition To Affordable Fees

The Coinbase Pro is another product from the great exchange American platform, Coinbase. This company has kept nice records ever since its existence in the year 2012 by creating platforms with maximum security and affordable fees. The Coinbase Pro exchange platform happens to be one of the products that carries these features. The Coinbase Pro exchange platform is a crypto exchange platform that was specially built for the sole purpose of serving well experienced traders. Their user interface has proven it as its professionally built with its design looking matured. The exchange platform might not be suitable or available to serve newbies due to their design and interface making the Coinbase exchange platform suitable for 

The Coinbase Pro exchange platform carries the normal features a product from the Coinbase provides, just as I've said earlier. One of which is security. The Coinbase company tends to make security relevant as they aim at providing a platform that is well secured. The Coinbase Pro exchange platform features some security measures like the encryption of private keys. This would help to prevent hackers from gaining access to their private keys. They also store more than 97% of their user funds on a cold storage. The cold storage is known to be the safest type of storage in the blockchain network which makes the exchange platform a secured one. The use of the 2 Factor Authentication is another security measure the Coinbase Pro exchange platform features. They make use of verification codes to give users access to their accounts

To further access their services, I went further to check out their trading fee. Due to the fact that they are yet to have a mobile application, I had to access their trading service on the web (Chrome to be precised). Unlike many other exchanges, the Coinbase Pro doesn't charge a flat fee but charges Takers and Makers differently. The makers are charged a fee of 0.15% and takers 0.25%. These fees are cheaper compared to the one charged in the Coinbase exchange platform. These fees are actually affordable to me as many other exchanges charges as much as 0.25 to 0.30% for both makers and takers. Exploring the Coinbase Pro exchange platform was not too easy for me due to the fact that their interface was a bit difficult to navigate. With what I've seen, I think the Coinbase exchange platform would be suitable to me, due to the little experience I've gained on the blockchain network (because the experience I've gained is not enough to use the Coinbase Pro). But I still prefer the Coinbase Pro because their fees are lesser than the Coinbase 

Pros & cons

  • The exchange platform charges lesser than the Coinbase Pro
  • Their interface is beautiful and its design properly made
  • The exchange platform implements many security features which protects users funds
  • The exchange is regulated
  • The exchange platform supports fiat
  • I would recommend the platform to experienced traders mainly
  • They are yet to have a mobile application available
Aman Arora
January 29, 2021
Nicely covered topics. Coinbase Pro is advance version of features used in the earlier exchange. Coinbase still though one of the top performing crypto platform with ease to transfer funds from banks but its expansion and services are limited to few regions and that needs to be work out