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Review on Phemex by Thalhat Shuaib

Unique Phemex

Phemex exchange is an amazing exchange where users can trade their cryptocurrency and assets holdings at a fast rate and an extremely low price. I just started hearing about this exchange not quite long, it popped up as an ad when I was using a trading app and without wasting much time, I went striaght to signup and here are my own experiences with each othe features listed below

1. Registration: with the ease of registration on phemex, I would consider Phemex as one of the best exchanges in my own personal list. Only email and password is required after which a code will be sent to the email, this code will be used to verify the email. This was done and I was successfully

2. Speed of Transactions: Personally, with my experience I would rate Phemex exchange as on of the top 10 exchanges in terms of speed. None of my transactions were more than

3. Trading fees: if there's anything that will increase my liking for any cryptoexchange, i guess it is the trading fees. Here at Phemex exchange I was faced with an extremely low and competitive fees which has best proven to be the cause of the deep liquidity experienced by traders.

4. Safety and security: With two factor authentication put in place, users funds can be ewsily and safely protected from theft and unauthorized access, users should be aware of the importance of two factor authentication. To ensure that users are making authorized withdrawals, a confirmation mail is sent to the registered email. A withdrawal is fully confirmed when the confirmation link is clicked.

5. Amazing user interface: all the processes from registration, to depositing down to withdrawal are simplified to be used by any body, either a beginner or an expert. The dashboard contains updated prices of cryptocurrencies traded.

6. Reliability; reliability seems to be a watch word for Phemex, not only do they carry out fast transactions but also transparent and reliable transaction. No hitch or mixup at all!

7. All round 24/7 customer service: best accessed on Telegram, Phemex provides an all round and well reliable customer service, especially when responding to complaints.

Pros & cons

  • Every positive experience I had had been explained in my review above
  • publicity is a major setback in this exchange
Thalhat Shuaib
January 08, 2021
Initially, registration might not be easy probably because of tue browser, so I'll advice users to go for chrome browser. Simplicity of registration is very impressive, only email and password, its that simple!
Thalhat Shuaib
January 08, 2021
Phemex, is an example of the best exchanges I have used so far. Like I have listed in my review, there is amazing transaction speed, low trading fees, amazing user interface and even the ever supportive customer support