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Review on Piixpay by José A Rodríguez

PIIXPAY: A Necessary Choice for Exchanging Cryptos with Support in the European Banking System

Although there are lots of crypto exchange services around the world, there is one that offers great benefits. In some ways, it is a kind of hybrid network that operates easily between cryptos and default money, and the tokens fully accepted are of great trading coverage.  

Piixpay is an exchange committed to making users grow in trading while the company grows as well. The fact of using this service is that users can cover all their debts just by using cryptos since the company is linked as part of banking societies. The service is part of the European Union, for instance, it provides European users with excellent outcomes, but the same results are viewed also for some countries established around the world. Now, just a triad of benefits is necessary to know why Pixxpay is so useful in the market.

- Diplomatic Partnership. Since the services are part of the European financial process it is partnered with a reliable business team established in Estonia, but with global attendance. Chambers of Commerce have taken a great step to join the new age of financial movements through cryptos, so I defined part of this relationship as cooperative growth.

- High Transaction Volume. All processes are daily certified. The platform offers an open chart to be aware of how transactions flow in the network and trust in the real evidence of common users. The margin of trading represents a wide volume among different cryptocurrencies. Although Bitcoin (BTC) is the most tradable token, there are lots of transactions with cryptocurrencies like ADA, XMR, Zcoin, which are very secure and profitable.

- Wide Services and Community Teams Linked. As part of the growth of Piixpay, every day more and more companies join it and certify the correct usage for changing. For that reason, it has been defined as a convenient system with excellent associations like the open exchange service of Changelly.

What About the Install Feature? Is it Secure?

Piixpay offers also an excellent choice for making instant payments and receiving tokens almost directly converted into default money, in this case, Euros currency. It works through the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) where crypto-holders must only attach their wallet address, and the conversion process will occur immediately after they receive the tokens. It is important to know the amount of money will be reflected based on the daily rate.

Personally, this service is a brilliant option since certain transactions go quickly and there are good outcomes when receiving the money converted. The fact of using an IBAN feature means that the process is worldwide recognized. The security system is trustworthy, it supports a kind of third-party process that is there just to guarantee quick and reliable responses. I know these services work under certain regulation parameters that cover infrastructure and network security as well as physical security because exchanging cryptos to Euros means having physical-money. There is an attached screenshot that illustrates the IBAN's addition process, the digits are fictitious but they are clear to know how it works. There, users can observe how the system uploads cryptocurrency's prices in both euros and dollars.

More of my Personal Experience Joining PIxxpay Exchange.

Trading in this kind of exchange grants useful opportunities. There are chances to grow and own money as having been established since cryptocurrencies became so tradable. First of all, trading with a stable coin offers always good results, but sometimes other cryptocurrencies raise their values and bring excellent volume.

I joined the platform and it was easy, although I am not a certified user because the service is not available in Venezuela. I think the address completion is a little bit tedious as well as the transaction purpose required to join the platform. However, it is excellent and I see the sort of measures necessary to enjoy reliable service. Below, I offer a screenshot to notice how the profile completion is given.

As usual, I always remind new crypto-traders that trading in exchange is different from any other process related to cryptocurrency transactions. Users must proceed carefully and always operate on the official Piixpay platform, all that they need is inside the page, this is also a comfortable benefit.

Pros & cons

  • Excellent support for exchange with hundreds of tokens admitted. Currently, the total cryptocurrencies permitted is established in 102 coins.
  • The benefits of converting cryptos into euros are of great support. There is an excellent stage for trading more and more with cryptocurrencies, but if fiat money is needed, then the exchange process occurs rapidly.
  • All transactions occur securely with the addition of the IBAN address feature.
  • The outstanding community partnered with the company as well as the inner team which is fully integrated with professional advisors.
  • Updated news and fast roadmap growth. In 2020, Piixpay has brought new chances for modern benefits, including partnerships with other empowered exchanges.
  • Although the company is established in Europe, it provides services for other countries scattered in the world. For that reason, it should permit trading and conversations with other kinds of powerful fiat money.
  • The service is not available for other countries that could obtain good benefits. For example, my experience is limited because although I've got European citizenship I live in Venezuela.
José A Rodríguez
July 24, 2020
Greetings, Piixpay representatives. Thanks to you for replying to my review. I'm committed to the wide sort of benefits you are currently offering, and it is good to know I have chances then to join with my EU documents. I'm looking forward to trading actively with all the support you offer to us.
July 24, 2020
Thank you for the extensive review José! Just to note that you if you have an EU document then you’re good to go to use the service despite that you’re in Venezuela. ****************************************************************