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Review on Polkastarter by Pedro O. Alvino M.

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Cross-chain token protocol

A platform built for the DeFi ecosystem that allows users and investors to obtain proven cross-chain tokens from a project in beta, as it serves as capital raising for projects through a decentralized Polkadot-based environment.
Given the increase in projects launched on the market, many of them may consider a scam, however in the Polkastarter environment, both token projects and users allow a safer ecosystem when acquiring tokens, through the integration of pools such as a fixed exchange method, which offers tokens a means that reduces the volatility of the token itself a fair distribution of tokens to users attached to the pools.
With a decentralized structure, it uses its POLS token as a governance token to make proposals and exercise them for voting, since also with the POLS tokens, holders will be able to take a certain part of the fees generated by the platform, but a fundamental problem of the exchange is entry limitation to the pools it contains, since most of them are private and full, making it difficult to subscribe to a pool included in the exchange.

  • Designed and structured from the Polkadot network.
  • Its red architecture allows interoperability between chains.
  • Offers a safe and profitable environment for investors in cryptocurrency projects.
  • Reduce the volatility of tokens by launching through fixed exchange systems.
  • Provides liquidity providers to claim rewards in POLS for contributing to the network.
  • Most of the pools available are with private access and completely filled.
  • The project is still in the development phase.