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Review on SIGEN.PRO by larei bello

Trading on Sigen dot pro

Launched in 2015, Sigen dot pro is suspected to be launched in Russia. When I opened the page initially it was entirely in Russia, so i had ti look about for any translation option in the page. After i found it, i changed it back to English, surprisingly this exchange support alot if languages which means that traders from every corner of the world could trade on the exchange. Among the languages supported on the exchange include English, French, Thai, Turkish, Korean, Indian, Indonesian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and some others. For now only spot trading is available on the exchange but not margin trading yet nor Futures and Contracts trading. Depositing on this exchange is only possible via cryptocurrencies though the Russian Ruble (RUB) is supported too, it is limited to only Russians. The speed of transaction here is average but the exchange still needs to work a little more on the speed of the transactions. If an unauthorized person tries to login your account without knowing the correct password the account is automatically blocked after 8-10 trials, this is a great security feature on the exchange. I once recieved an email notification which warned me of a login which wasn't from the IP address of my phone, this was because i logged into my trading account via another phone. Trading on this exchange has actually been a good experience.

Pros & cons

  • Trading here is easy and fast
  • Trading fee here is free!!
  • The speed of transactions here is average
  • The exchange has a mobile app
  • The exchange supports limited cryptocurrencies
  • There is no margin trading available