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pen plax bush orange betta plant logo

I love the color of this plant. It's enough to make my little beta aquarium shine brightly. I have shades of blue stones and pearly white beta fish. He needed some paint to complete it. Thanks!Voir la critique complète

idea nuova shark square canvas logo

You are amazing! The colors are strong and bright. It costs money. Anything related to LOL Surprise is usually expensive, but this is a great price and you get more than you expect. I got 4 canvas prints for the price I would pay for 1. I love it and so does my daughter. The unique color combination works even though my daughter's room is turquoise. Would buy again!Voir la critique complète

needlehouse tattoo needles 1205rl disposable logo

Tips can be too small

I liked everything about these needles except that if you keep the tip of the tube in ink it keeps filling with ink until it overflows through the hole above the tip/under the handle . In other words, the tip seems too small for those fivers. I've been tattooing professionally for 20 years and it's rare to find tips that keep filling up with ink. Usually they are filled with what they can hold and that's it. So not a big fan of that aspect, but other than that they were good needles.Voir la critique complète

nikou check valve stainless aquarium logo

This product is the deepest thing I've ever bought. Definitely do not buy this check valve. I mean really how to screw up the check valve?!?! I wanted to put zero stars but the system didn't allow it. Revain, seriously consider removing this item from the shelves.Voir la critique complète

pasuot cute night light kids logo

Charming night light!

NIGHT LIGHT NARWAL FOR CHILDREN. This night light is just amazing! It's easy to use and feels nice! It has 7 colors to choose from and can be light or dark. There is a timer function at the bottom. You can choose between 15 minutes, 30 minutes or always on. The charging time is 2.5 hours. The highest brightness can be used for 5 hours, the lowest brightness can be used for 200 hours before charging is required. This is such a fun light! Good price!Voir la critique complète

goqelk teething silicone stimulates massages baby care logo

I love that the strap is adjustable and comfortable to wear. Silicone is very flexible yet durable. It comes in 2 packs (identical). So if your child accidentally loses one and gets tied up, there's no need to freak out. Losing it shouldn't be a problem though, as it can attach to itself or the stroller. Nice to have a backup or share with a friend. Seems to soothe baby's teeth because he doesn't want to put it off.Voir la critique complète

baby waterproof toddler sleeves resistance feeding logo

Ideal for breastfeeding

The size doesn't seem right. The sleeves are long and the neckline never fits properly even when tied properly so my son's shirt still gets dirty underneath making it pointless. As a one-year-old wearing 18-month-old shirts, that still doesn't suit him.Voir la critique complète

laketaney pheromones reliever comfortable breakaway logo

We put a collar on each of our 3 cats. The most aggressive, although more loving to us, is still a bully to the other two boys. Our other cat nibbled on his brother's collar and swallowed a few pieces. This is by no means the fault of the seller or the product, but Milo became very ill and required surgery to remove parts of the collar from his abdomen. Thank God he's fine now. I will buy it again but only use it on a bully cat.Voir la critique complète

nacoco costumes christmas costume fleece cats at apparel logo

NACOCO is the only dog costume brand I ever buy because I am always very satisfied with their products. They are always the prettiest and very high quality. This dog shopper does not disappoint. Plus it's a great holiday outfit without screaming Christmas and will be appropriate all winter long. One of the things I particularly love about this outfit is that it has buttons down the front so you don't have to pull it over the dog's head. You would wear it like a cardigan. If your dog doesn't want to wear costumes because they're over his head, this could be the solution. Because the fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy, your dog won't feel constricted and can walk freely. As always, I found NACOCO small. Regardless of the size you want to buy, buy one size up. For this reason I thought of giving 4 stars instead of 5, but the product is excellent. 5 stars means I like it and I love it. Please Note: I received this product at a slightly reduced price in exchange for an honest Voir la critique complète

products foldable stair storage charcoal logo

These ladders were a great buy because they not only look good but work well too. The product is lightweight (easy to carry/move), functional and the sherpa-like ivory fabric is color neutral and pleasing to the eye. He put him on the couch, sat down and told his cats to get up. They immediately approached and then went down themselves to take the toy. The covers are easy to remove for cleaning and will not shrink or lose their shape, making them very easy to put back on. While the foam can support a significant amount of weight, the steps are small, making them best for small to medium sized dogs and cats.Voir la critique complète

retractable safety doorways hallways outdoor logo

Well packaged and very easy to install. No instructions were required and it only took a few minutes. It's easy to use. It is fixed so that it does not sag to prevent children and dogs from crawling under it to pass or unhook it alone. The screen feels solid, but I wouldn't recommend it if you need it for a large dog that likes to put its front paws on the top edge, or if they're diggers. It cannot last long against such use. The pullback isn't too tight, so it would be dangerous to let go. Can be tricky to hook with one hand if you don't get it right, but overall not that difficult. Watch the video with this review to make up your own mind.Voir la critique complète

teytoy teethers contrast developmental montessori logo

The mirror is quite large and does not distort the reflection as much as others. The booklet contains beautiful, high-contrast and vibrant color images to keep your little one entertained while lying on their tummy.Voir la critique complète

plum organics organic butternut granola logo

My daughter loves them. They are organic and only the necessary ingredients are added. Great for my little one who only has two teeth. I can easily get their fruit and veg portions. Great as a transitional food.Voir la critique complète

dogtra iq plus remote trainer logo

This is the fifth Dogtra IQ I've bought. All the other IQs I've bought work great and have withstood the rigors of K-9 production. Other professionals in my field (whom I respect) use the same gear and e-collar. It's simple and works well. Even at a great distance He works.Voir la critique complète

daddy vans natural lavender furniture cleaning supplies best - household cleaners logo

Smells good, is completely natural and gives the wood structure a soft eggshell tone. The tree is ready in less than an hour! I've even used it on my son's bedroom floor which has a worn old resin finish and restored the shine and patina. It took a few days to dry and was no longer waxy when applied to finished wood.Voir la critique complète

columbia steens overlay collegiate timberwolf logo

Great Buy - Baby Girls

I live in the Midwest and am always looking for a warm jacket to go with my car seat. Such a high quality and warm jacket. I would recommend going up a size if you have a chunky kid like me. The upper is made from a water repellent material that kept my kid dry during our first snowfall. It's a beautiful color and seems like it's really going to last. Washes great. Buy this jacket, you won't regret it.Voir la critique complète

oakias pack premium blue towels logo

Amazing Paper Towels

As soon as you pick up this towel, you will feel its quality. I use these towels every morning after shaving and every morning I am so glad I bought these towels they are just amazing.Voir la critique complète

skechers performance womens 4 14918 walking women's shoes in athletic logo

Very comfortable shoes

My feet are happy. I had another pair of shoes from this brand and wore them out. My poor old legs have bursitis and they don't mind. Very comfortable shoesVoir la critique complète

wevez womens short length skirts logo

I really like these skirts. I ordered the longer one and depending on how much I liked it, I ordered three packs of the shorter ones. I've seen some people complain that they don't like the randomness of everything because you can't pick which ones you want. and may not like every skirt, but every skirt is absolutely beautiful. I don't know if I would pick each and every one if I saw them in store myself, but I love each and every one and am SO HAPPY with them. They are very comfortable to wear and when I ordered I didn't realize that they could be worn in different ways. There is a small packet with instructions on how to wear them, although I'm sure there are many more. (dresses, shirts, skirts etc.) I love them and could very well order more!Voir la critique complète

wrapping sleeping accessory wristband waistband logo

These scarves are just beautiful. You won't get upset that this is your style choice, because that's what they are. stylish!Voir la critique complète

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