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CERN pension fund was established for more than 60 years as an international organization. CERN established its own social security system, including a pension scheme. The Fund is an intrinsic part of CERN and works as a defined-benefit scheme. Roughly 3700 active members make up the Fund, which is Voir la critique complète

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RPMI Railpen invest on behalf of the scheme members who are related to the railway industry. They are not bound by the limits that other asset managers face. Always looking for new ways to improve things and open to fresh ideas. I found them open to new ideas and taking action based on high values.Voir la critique complète

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My review on APG.

APG is all about guaranteed future, stable income for any person would get old, or maybe just decided to rest after many years of hard working. We work long hours every day which make us question what would we do in the future? Or are we ever going to rest a bit and yet get fine money and enough amVoir la critique complète

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Allbit is a cloak of a trading platform that uses demo contracts and custom chains in the exchange to offer complete confidence to all users to convince them to join it and start their trade in the world of cryptocurrencies through it. In my personal opinion, this platform lacks a robust infrastructVoir la critique complète

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DueDEX is a wonderfully designed cryptocurrency trading platform that attracts all users. First of all, I want to say that logging in to this platform is very easy, users can log in through an email account only. Second, this exchange has huge exchange sizes that make all users confident while tradiVoir la critique complète

serum dex logo

Serum DEX, This project is interested in commercial cross-serum exchanges. It is one of the most effective exchanges around the world. This platform has algorithms that calculate all cryptocurrency exchanges at optimal prices . It also provides very effective services to attract its users and to makVoir la critique complète

bitxmi logo

Bitxmi is a project that is a cryptocurrency trading platform, which includes about twenty cryptocurrencies. I want to say that these currencies have a red symbol that indicates that it is unstable and insecure, and this makes the project poorly spread and unpopular with users even though it is verVoir la critique complète

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Arbidex. is a reliable and unrestricted ecosystem that offers users the perfect trading in cryptocurrency trading via a global platform designed in a smart and sophisticated way. It contains structured global protocols that allow users to know the prices of currencies and obtain appropriate negotiatVoir la critique complète

yffi finance logo

Hi, I'm my review of this project will be negative, I'd like everyone to read the review to the end because it will be useful to you and to your perseverance in the world of crypto-currencies. This project is very weak and lacks stability, I do not know what the reasons for the exchange method and tVoir la critique complète

divi logo

My review on Divi.

Divi is a project that regulates profit by supporting betting and decentralized trading. By trading assets and betting on them users can profit and receive money to the betting wallet. It is a sophisticated project but it lacks a lot of facilities because I find it difficult and slow to make transacVoir la critique complète

bitscreener token logo

BitScreener Token is a project that is a work of an encrypted decentralized easy trading and the chance to win money for users, because it contains a lot of features that makes it one of the most important of crypto-currencies in the world . First, this currency is based on innovative ideas that sVoir la critique complète

monetaryunit logo

MonetaryUnit, This project is one of the world-renowned projects that carries a brand that is guaranteed and trusted by everyone. It also has an advanced ecosystem developed by a group of smart developers and innovators who seek to provide all the services that satisfy traders while trading decentVoir la critique complète

defis network logo

Defis Network, The easy and content system based on this platform is the main step that encourages all new users to join this platform and start trading cryptocurrencies through it. If we want to talk about the platform, it has a great design, it is well thought out, it is understandable and tidy. Voir la critique complète

caspian logo

Caspian is a platform that is designed to facilitate the management of users ' digital resources and to provide all the services they need when they need to log into any cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. In the beginning I advise everyone's path to this home and start his work and the rVoir la critique complète

phoenixdao logo

tHello friends, I will talk about a sophisticated and wonderful project that is one of my favorite projects, it is PhoenixDAO which I rely on in my business, my business, my transactions and all my payments. This project is very sophisticated and always provides new services and features to the userVoir la critique complète

touchcon logo

TouchCon is a project based on advertising and advertisers ' trading of cryptocurrency and its token. The project aims to provide a permanent and large trading market in order to benefit the largest amount of traders that join this platform in order to get the profits they want. In addition, this prVoir la critique complète

rowan token logo

Rowan Token is an entertaining, clean, eco-and planet-friendly cryptocurrency project, containing effective and intelligent goals that you work hard to reach and achieve the right human development around the world. What I liked most about the platform is its design and the focus on green in its intVoir la critique complète

bloom logo

As a crypto project based on Bloom erc-20, it offers its users a variety of quality services. As we all know, credit in today's world is something that is much used and preferred and often we need. As far as I understand, Al Bloom brings an innovative and wonderful credit system to today's modern woVoir la critique complète

vericoin logo

VeriCoin serves as a highly innovative and transparent crypto project. The VeriCoin has its own token, and that token works with a system of near-zero transaction fees, and I think that's an excellent feature. Vericoin's goal was to offer its users a token that works at zero cost. I reviewed vericoiVoir la critique complète

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Open Platform is a decentralized project with a quality and informative blog. Open Platform offers all users the payment infrastructure service needed to use the blockchain. Open Platform aims to ensure that this payment infrastructure service is high quality, Fast and secure. Another feature of theVoir la critique complète

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